24 Hours (ish) New York Day Trip

Off to NYC

On Sunday 23rd December 2018 my Mum, Sister and I got up at 3am showered and left the house. My Sister drove us to Gatwick Airport where we got the Virgin Crew Bus to Heathrow. We had about an hour in the Virgin Lounge to have a breakfast and a cheeky Prosecco before heading to our gate. On boarding the plan we were fortunate enough to turn left. We took our seats in the very comfy Upper Class bed and strapped in for a 7 and a half hour flight to JFK airport. I watch three films on the flight Christopher Robin, which was so cute. I loved Winnie the Pooh as a child so this was my first choice of film. Followed by The Spy who dumped me, starring Mila Kunis which was pretty good. I finished off with Ant Man and the Wasp. I love a Marvel film so this was an obvious choice to finish off the flight. 

Arriving in NYC

We arrived at JFK shortly before 12 midday New York Time. As it was my first time flying on a new ESTA, I got stuck in a queue for about 45 minutes which was not ideal. We then got a taxi to Bloomingdales and started shopping. First on the list was a new bauble for the Christmas tree. It turned out we were too late as the rush had already been and baubles we were after were not there. So we wandered towards central park stopping at a few shops for my sister along the way. 

New York is Pretty Cold

We went to NY last year for a slightly longer visit. The temperature was a LOT less last year, so we were grateful of the warm 4 degrees that we were experiencing walking around the big apple. Last year we only saw a small corner of central park, and I wanted to see a little more. So we ventured in a little further to see one of the boating lakes. It wasn’t great, so we turned around and headed back to another corner of the park to take some more selfies. It was nice in the park, it was a lot less crowded than I had remembered from our previous trip. The city seem a lot less frantic in general, compared to the packed streets I remembered. 

Its All About the Pictures

After getting some more lovely shots of the park, and enjoying the bracing cold, we headed towards time square for some more shopping. My mum picked my dad up some new trainers, my sister spent an age in Victoria’s Secret choosing underwear. By this point my feet and back where starting to hurt. I was enjoying the atmosphere but maybe I could have done with a a Segway to get around. We headed to the Novotel Hotel for dinner as we were in Times Square. I went for a traditional burger and fries which filled me right up ready for our flight home. 

Busy New York Streets

Our last stop before heading home had to be another trip to the Rockefeller Centre and tree. We had passed it earlier in the day when it was lighter and less busy. My sister wanted to get another shot of it in the dark all lit up. And to watch the cool light display on Saks 5th Avenue opposite the tree.

This was where every person in NY seemed to be. It was the same chaos I remembered from the previous year. The pavements were absolutely crammed with people, taking pictures of the Christmas tree, skating rink and looking up at the light show. You could not move without touching another human being and you could not get anywhere without pushing people out of the way. Luckily as we had seen it all before, so we could get a few pictures and then head out of the chaos. My sister is quite forward and lead us through the crowds to try and find a taxi. 

Leaving NYC

Getting a taxi is not as easy as you would think in New York. We wanted to head to the airport, but they were all heading in. Somehow we kept ending up on the wrong side of the street, or on a street that was busses only. We finally hailed a cab and headed back to JFK at around 7pm NY time. Heading straight for the lounge to get comfortable and prepare for the flight home, we didn’t stop to shop.

Our night flight was due to leave at 10pm, so the makeup came off, the hair went up and we prepped to sleep the whole way home. We were lucky enough to get Upper Class seats coming home as well so I got very comfy, very quickly and fell asleep before the safety announcement had even been done. I woke up mid flight and got my bed made up. I then slept right through to the breakfast wake up call an hour before landing. 

Back Home for Christmas Eve

Both flights were good, smooth and didn’t really feel as long as they were. I am so fortunate that my sister works for an airline so I can experience this luxury way of travel. I just hope I don’t become too accustomed to such a lifestyle, as I cannot afford to maintain it myself. We arrived back in the UK at about 10am GMT on Monday 24th and did the reverse journey back to Gatwick. I craved a Nando’s all the way home only to be told we would not be stopping on the way there was plenty of food at home.

And that was it. Our day trip to New York over. What a whirlwind, manic, crazy ass thing to do, but we did it and it was cool. I got a couple of awesome pictures of Central Park and New York life which seem to be going down well on instagram, check out my profile

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