5 Goals for 2019 – Setting Achievable Goals

2018 was a life altering year full of big changes & decisions, big highs and big lows. I went from comfortable to desperate and towards the end of the year I set my hopes on winning a fortune rather than working hard to earn it. As I enter 2019 a 26 year old newly single, independent woman, I am determined to make this year a steady, predictably year, it will be a year of working hard, very few luxuries and working towards some personal goals.

The Big Life Goal

For the last two years I have been saving towards a deposit for a house. At the beginning of this year it seemed almost within touching distance, I had my savings pot and with a combined wage from myself and my partner we could have afforded something small. We decided however to keep saving so we could find the right property and so he could take the plunge and go self employed.

Now that relationship is no longer I need to work a hell of a lot harder to save for a property. On my current wages I cant afford a postage stamp and I know that it is now going to be a few more years before I am in a position to buy my first house. I feel like I need to save as if its just me buying and hope that in the meantime I find a partner who I want to move in with anyway. So with this goal a bit further away I need to set smaller targets, starting with saving £10K a year at least.

2019 Goal 1 – Hit My £10K Savings Target

I just about hit my savings goal for 2018, a couple of extra holidays and a few set backs meant that I was a couple of months behind where I wanted to be. 2019 sees the rent I pay my Dad increase and this means meeting my next savings target will be harder. Looking at my budget now I am a few thousand off. Although wages could increase I need to find some alternative money making ideas to make sure I meet my goal regardless.

2019 Goal 2 – Own my Hustle

Over the last few years working for myself has become more and more appealing, but I have always struggled with confidence in knowing what to do, make or sell in order to make some money on the side. I have been watching and a few positive Youtube Videos and Podcasts from young women who are succeeding at life by working for themselves. These guys have given me the confidence and motivation to give it a go.

For the week and a half I was unemployed at the end of last year I started thinking about designing cards to get printed cheaply online and sell for a profit. I was fortunate enough find a job very quickly and this idea got put to bed. Now I want to revisit the idea and see if it works. I am not pinning all my hopes on it, if is not successful I will find another idea and give that a go. I need to stop giving up before I start because I fear it might not work and just try everything.

2019 Goal 3 – Stop Gambling

When James left and I realised how impossible buying a house seemed I became desperate. Determined to win the money somehow, I continued to play the national lottery, upped the number or euro millions draws I entered. I also started playing a few online slot games, I soon realised I was loosing more than I was winning, deleted all the apps and gave up everything except for the last little bit of money I have in my national lottery account.

I will use up what I have in my lottery account in December and in January I will not gamble in any of these forms. One direct debit is set up for CRUK lottery which I will continue as it goes towards a fantastic cause. As savings I have £100 in premium bond which I can’t loose but could potentially win something from, so leaving this where it is will do no harm.

2019 Goal 4 – Keep Blogging

I set this goal last month and have been practicing throughout December, so far so good. I have written and scheduled 4 posts and have ideas for most weeks next year. With a bit of time off over Christmas I will be writing and planning more posts.

Working on blogs posts for my job and the content for a new website over the last few months, has been really enjoyable so it has spurred me on to do more in my own time. It may not be reaching many people yet or be of much interest to anyone but I am loving it. Getting my thoughts and ideas out there, improving my writing skills and having a hobby to fill my evenings.

2019 Goal 5 – Stay Healthy

Health and wellbeing I want to be a big consideration this coming year. I really got into running in 2018 but a difficult summer meant I didn’t keep it up, I really wanted to be up to doing the great south run in October but the breakup in July really set me back and I lost all motivation for running.

When winter comes its hard to pick it back up again. I did however take up Ballet which I really enjoyed, however this didn’t last, with too much going on and some cold winter nights I have skipped a few weeks, I will do another term at least next year. Zumba is something I have enjoyed in the past and recently a work colleague and I have taken to it again, alternating between Storrington and Eastergate. There will be some weeks we miss but I must make sure I do some form of exercise each week.

This should all help with my mental health, I have obviously struggled with the breakup this year and exercise and getting stuck into my side hustle have really helped take my mind of feeling lonely and given me a new focus.

Heres to 2019, a year of hard work, saving hard, healthy living and writing about it all in this blog. Bring it on!


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