Hi, I’m Steph

I’m currently living my best life on an Aussie adventure.

In June I bought a 1-way ticket, said goodbye to my job and my family and friends. I travelled to Kuala Lumpur to see my friend and recover from jet lag before heading to Sydney to start my adventure. I joined an 18-day group tour from Sydney to Cairns, stopping off at some of the most incredible places and doing some of the most amazing things. I then parted ways with the group and headed south to Brisbane with a few stops along the way. This is where I plan to base myself and will be seeking work to fund the next part of my journey.

I leave behind a good job in the marketing industry in pursuit of a more flexible career to accommodate my current craving for adventure. Having never had a particular passion for a career I continue to look for something that is more aligned with my life goals and values.

Moving to Australia gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, learn skills in various roles and network with a wider community of digital professionals. I have recently become an independent consultant for Arbonne and I am in the process of building a business so that I can live my life by design.

This blog is the virtual representation of me. Covering topics such as travel, productivity, health & fitness, personal development and more. Follow my personal development journey here or you can also check out my Instagram and YouTube where I post regularly.