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An Organisational Journey

Why am I not productive?

I love organising. I wrote a post on it a while ago, mentioning my obsession with spreadsheets and stationary. This love of lists and planning unfortunately does not result in a completely organised life. I still have a lot of work to do. I think I enjoy the process of organising and ticking things off my to do, rather than doing the actual tasks sometimes. Often this leads to things not getting done, sometimes the joy of completing a list is just not enough to override the burden of having to complete the chore. 

Inspiration comes in many forms

I find myself drawn to instagram accounts showcasing beautiful homes neatly organised. As well as ones showing tip and tricks for cleaning and tidying. One of my recent obsessions being @mrshinchhome a lady that makes cleaning fun. She has actually made a difference to my cleaning habits as I talk about in this post. At home I really started to get into the swing of things with keeping everything in its place and making my home smell amazing. Since moving to Spain my routine is out of whack and I actually find myself missing my bottle of Zoflora and Pinky. On every trip to the supermarket I have done here so far, I wonder down the cleaning isle in search of the familiar products Mrs Hinch has introduced me too. Still searching for the elusive Minky!

Mrs Hinch has also just introduced me to Marie Kondo, I have watched a couple of episodes of her series on Netflix. She helps people declutter and reorganise peoples homes, using methods like choosing to keep items that “spark joy”. I have just organised the few clothes I have here, folding them neatly away into their draws. Already I feel so much more organised. 

food storage inspiration, neatly stored kitchen goods.
Food Storage Inspiration

The struggle is real at home & work

I find I struggle with prioritising in my home life and my work life. I can easily do a few quick easy jobs at home to tick off my list and feel good about myself. However if I am having a slob day, wearing baggy clothes and cleaning, I really don’t want to get dressed and go and do a weekly shop. More often than not this results in the shop not getting done and me living off whatever I can make with the minimal ingredients I have left in the fridge. 

At work I am a project manager. I keep track of all the ongoing tasks in the department and report to senior staff on their progress. Everyday I write a list of things I need to do in the day, but there is always one task I carry over. Usually this is an ongoing website build I have no passion or interest in completing.

So much room for improvement

So I need to improve, perhaps find a way to love every task on my list, or arrange them so I am doing the rubbish tasks first to get them out the way. In order to help me on my organisational journey I am reading a book called The Organised Mind by Daniel Levitin. This book discusses the way the brain works, how it processes decision making, what we pay attention to etc. I am only on chapter two as I write this but I have found it so interesting already. 

I have always found decision making difficult, particularly big decisions as you may have noticed in my various career posts. Something Levitin writes about, is that the brain only has so much processing power for decision making. Our lives are full of so much choice, partly due to the internet, social media and consumer culture. With all these choices our brains decision making power can quickly be used up, leaving no power for the tougher decisions, like for me career choices. 

The Journey Begins

My understanding from this is, in order to make room for the big decisions in life, I need to minimise the little decisions that are currently using up my brains processing power. I am therefore going to try to organise as much of my life as possible from food & fitness, to finances and the home. Over the course of this year I hope to work on each element of my life one by one to find the best way to sustainably organise it. I will share my organisational journey with you, with tips and tricks I find along the way for a more organised and stress free life. So let’s get started on this organisational journey!

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