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Brisbane, I Miss You…

I didn’t think I would be an emotional traveller. Lead by my heart and not my head. But when I arrived in Brisbane for the first time I felt like I was somewhere special. It’s not the biggest best city in Australia. It doesn’t have the grungy character of Melbourne or the iconic tourist attractions of Sydney. I didn’t even get to visit the nearby coast so I have no idea if the beaches are good. But I do know I fell in love.

As a country girl who thought Bournemouth was too busy I shocked myself with my love of this modern bustling city.

Brisbane River

I follow a few digital nomads who are working and travelling the world and sharing their stories on Instagram. They describe places as feeling aligned or being high vibe. I thought this sounded odd, but when I got to Brisbane I felt the same. The city felt safe and comfortable and like I am supposed to be there. I felt inspired and motivated to be working on my business more and more. I could see my self living and working there quite easily.

What I Loved About Brisbane

Brisbane By Day

In the day time, there is plenty to explore. From the bustling streets of Queen Street Mall to the beautiful banks of Brisbane River. You can visit Museums, Galleries and Libraries for free on the South Bank or explore some the beautifully unique suburbs.

I visited Paddington which was a very cute little suburb with lovely blossoms and nice independent stores. The West End, south of the river was another favourite area of mine. It had some lovely pubs and restaurants as well as a great second-hand book shop.

west end brisbane
West End Brisbane

Brisbane By Night

At night the city comes alive. There are colourful lights everywhere you look. The changing colour of Victoria Bridge reflecting in the River is beautiful. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to visit of an evening.

One night in Brisbane my new friends and I went to the Emporium Hotel. The Terrace in the Emporium is a rooftop bar with stunning views out over the city. We went at night so the city was lit up with the colourful lights along the river. Brisbane

So Why Did I Move On?

I really didn’t want to leave Brisbane. But I became disheartened and desperate looking for work. It was the first place in Australia I tried to settle and find work and I ended up there for a month no luck on the job front.

As my money was quickly running out I chose to dip into my savings. Savings that should be untouchable but that I thought would be an investment in my happiness here in Australia. I thought that I had exhausted all my options in Brisbane and that I should move onto pastures new. I headed to the Gold Coast where a new travelling friend had moved to and settled.

Will I Go Back?

Oh Yes. I don’t think I can stay away. As much as I have enjoyed other areas of Australia I have not quite got the same feeling as I did in Brisbane. I write this sat in Sydney, the most iconic Australian City, having just visited Coogee and Bondi. It’s beautiful here but it doesn’t compare to Queensland.

Right now I am looking for work. I have applied for many jobs in Sydney already and I have an interview later this week. But if nothing comes of those jobs I will consider moving north again. I will continue to apply for jobs here and in Brisbane and see what comes up.

Brisbane I miss you

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