Business Workshop for Perfectionists

Today I attended a business workshop for perfectionists with Sam Brown a business and mindset coach who I have been following online for a little while. She guided us through, journaling, business and mindset, clarifying a niche, what’s holding me back, content marketing, money mindset and planning.

I am now clearer on my niche, have prioritised tasks and social platforms, set financial goals and have an extensive list of content and offer ideas. I have also gained a better insight into the power of journaling and now understand how I can use it to help move past any negative or limiting thoughts and feelings that I have around my business and in life. 

One of the many eye-opening tasks we were asked to complete was picking our top two social platforms to concentrate on. I found this so difficult as I love blogging, writing my articles on LinkedIn, posting on Instagram, creating YouTube videos and have just started posting on Pinterest.

Sam said she has used the want/need to be consistent on all the social platforms as an excuse not to create courses and offers and things that will make money. I realised that too is what I am doing and that if I want to start making money then I need to strip it back to 2 just for now until I am making money and I can evaluate what is working and what is not. 

As a result, I am now prioritising YouTube firstly as a platform that I have really enjoyed creating content and as I made the commitment to the 365 Days of Me Vlog or Video diary on YouTube, I felt this had to be my priority. As I mentioned I don’t want to keep starting and not finishing projects. I really enjoy creating videos and think this is a good platform for me to grow on. 

My second priority is going to be Instagram, I use the platform personally and have been working on building an engaged following for some time and I am starting to see some good results. This means I have to shelf Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, my Blog (which was a tough choice) and LinkedIn. It was really hard to commit to pausing these platforms for the time being as I am really enjoying posting on them. 

So my blog posting schedule may not be as frequent as it was before as I am trying to prioritise money-making tasks over content creation. If you want to keep up to date with how I am getting on more regularly you can see my daily vlogs on YouTube or see my regular updates on Instagram.

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