Dear Diary – Week Six in Javea

This week was good. I really feel like I am getting into the swing of things here in Spain. 6 Weeks into my trip everywhere feels familiar, I am in a kind of routine. The more I work on productivity the more my routine improves. I think I am getting a better understanding of what makes me happy, I am learning to love my own company and realising what is important in life.

A lot of people find removing themselves from social media and the online world really helpful for “finding themselves” however, I am exploring the world of content marketing so consuming masses of content and information via various social platforms. The more I do this though, the more I am making time for being outside. This has been great. I feel like I am getting a good balance of fresh air, nature, work, learning, and social media.

Not keeping up with the real world at home has been amazing. I am completely removed from UK news. I am not interested in the political discussions that were filling the news before I left. The way I see it, I have no control, input or impact on what is going on with “Brexit” so I am not going to worry about what may or may not happen. I will just see how things are when I get home.

Being away from this and the vast amount of negativity that fills the news has been refreshing. I feel so distant from the rest of the world in my own little bubble and it has been great. But the weeks are flying by and I am heading towards the 2-month mark so I need to think about preparing myself for what’s to come when I get home.

Saturday 23rd February

This was a bit of a write off as a day. I had been awake on and off and in and out of bed all morning. Being a Saturday, the shops would be shut tomorrow and I had no food.  So I had to make myself get better to get up and out of the house. I pulled myself out of bed at around 11 am and got downstairs feeling so queasy. I grabbed some bread and water and got back into bed. About 5 mins later I had recovered enough energy to take a sip of water and 10 mins later my first bite of bread. I don’t think I have ever had a hangover like it. I felt so weak. Bonus, I’m pretty sure I lost a tonne of weight.

After finishing the bread and taking a nap I was able to get up and make it to the shop. I cooked a massive stir fry and did an hour or so of my content course. So it wasn’t a complete waste of a day, but I have certainly learnt my lesson.

Sunday 24th February

I was determined to be more productive today to make up for yesterday. In the morning I completed some more of the content course. Malc, Deborah and I went for, what was supposed to be a breakfast, but ended up being a lovely roast dinner. We spoke all about Malc building up his presence online and I was in my element sharing everything I have been learning through YouTube and the courses I have been doing.

After a lovely lunch, I headed home and got all the idea’s that we had discussed down in an email to Malc. I then got on with some blogging. The Video 101: Masterclass I bought with Erin was on last night but I was not able to stay up for it so I watched the replay this afternoon. It was so motivating and I got so much from it. I can’t wait to get stuck in with some video creation.

Monday 25th February

Today was my half day at work. I had a very productive morning getting everything I needed to do done, and more. In the afternoon I was blogging and working on my new Instagram account, writing & scheduling posts. Although it was a productive day I started work early so didn’t get dressed and worked all the way through to bedtime so I felt like a bit of a mong in my PJ’s all day.  

Tuesday 26th February

This was a full working day so not that much time to spare for personal development. I did have a chance to look at my new blog so that’s nearly up to speed. I just want to fill it with more content before I launch. Maybe another month to get it all ready to go.

Wednesday 27th February

Working with Andy and Deborah for the day today was cool. It’s coming up to the of the month so Deborah was working on a new creative homepage image for Vooba. This month she created a robot out of odds and sods, kitchen utensils and old scooter parts, it looked amazing.


When I got home I spent some time chatting to the lady dog sitting for my landlady. That was nice to chat with someone new and find about about her life. She was an interesting lady with a similar mindset to the one I’m developing so it was good to talk to her.

Thursday 28th February

I was out to get the little wins today, getting some washing and bathroom hinching done. Going for a little run just to say I had been out and got my heart rate up. I did some blogging and a watched some more video from the content course.

I got my food shop done and posted my first video in the video 101 pop up facebook group. All these lovely women who are going through a similar thing, learning to be more confident on camera are gathered in one group. The community support vibe is fantastic and very encouraging. I also created and scheduled some more content ready for my new Instagram account to launch tomorrow.

Using some tips I have learnt I also got stuck in with some social engagement. I found someone living in the next village to mine at home who is a similar age and owns her own business. I hope I can strike up an ongoing conversation with her, she would be a great person to be around to be inspired by and learn from.

Friday 1st March

This was the best day!! My heart was bursting with happiness, excitement and pride today. I got up at a decent time, ran 5K and ran it well. When I got home I jumped in the shower and then got myself all glammed up. My new Instagram account started posting today, so I could see the reponses coming in. Feeling pumped I headed out to the beach to start filming.

I posted a video to my Instagram story on my personal account as I was feeling good and confident. When I was all set up at the beach and just started. Using my phone and headphones I stood on the beach in the beautiful sunshine for hours. Practising and practising, talking and talking for ages. I got to a point where my phone storage was filling up and my battery was running out but I could have kept going all day. Not even a hungry belly would have stopped me filming I was having so much fun.

At home, I had some lunch and started editing. I got way to engrossed in video editing, which meant I didn’t go back out as I had intended. So today I launched my Youtube Channel. I got my first video up in the afternoon and then kept working on an outtakes video because it made me laugh and I was enjoying myself. It was not in the plan for the day but as I was so into what I was doing, I stayed up late. I really must work on my bedtime routine.

A great end to a great day

What an amazing day. I spent the morning having the most fun I have ever had on my own. Out in the sunshine and fresh air learning something new and building my confidence. In the afternoon I was revisiting some editing skills and reconnecting with people I haven’t spoken to in forever. This was due to them loving the content I have been creating and getting in touch. I was so happy and buzzing to create more.

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