Dear Diary – Week Eight in Javea

I had a great weekend followed by an average start to the week. This, however, precedes a trip to Madrid. As I have so much planned for Madrid I wanted to dedicate a separate post to it. So here is my eighth week in Javea.

Saturday 9th March

I have had the same nail varnish working its way off my toes since about May last year. A bit gross I know, but as summer was short the socks soon went on. The nails were out of sight out of mind. With the weather being almost constantly lovely I have worn sandals a few times. So I thought it was about time to tidy them up.

I had a day with Deborah planned and when my nails were done we went to the old town. It was lovely weather and it was really nice to see more of the old town. Cute buildings and narrow little streets. We stopped by a church for a drink and some people watching before collecting Lizzing from her sewing class.

With Lizzie, we went to the Arenal, the sandy beach area with lots of restaurants, for lunch. Andy joined us and we were there for a good 3 or 4 hours. Eating and talking and apparently getting quite burnt without realising it. I walked back at around 5 pm and spent the evening in PJ’s catching up on social media. It was a really lovely day.   

Sunday 10th March

Today was the Javea International Women’s day race. 5K around the town along the beach and back up to Deborah’s old school. It was another beautiful day and I was worried it might be too hot for me to perform well. After gathering for a Zumba warm-up we ran around the track and indo town. I was in the running group, but as we had Lizzie with us Deborah had to Walk.

The start of the race was mostly downhill to the seafront so relatively easy. The last couple of kilometres were all uphill and some of it quite steep. In the heat, I found it really quite tough. Especially having been training on mainly flat terrain. However, I kept thinking about what I was running for. Women died so I could have the freedom to live the life I do now. So if they did that for me then I could get this 5K done. This gave me the energy to get to the end of the course. I realised 5K was a short distance before the finish line so it felt never-ending. My Fitbit said I did the 5K in 26 mins which I was really chuffed with, but I completed the timed event in 30 mins.

40 mins later Deborah and Lizzie arrived back at the school. We decided to get Andy and go out for a celebratory lunch. I walked home, which is about 30 mins away, so my exercise levels for the day were very good. I think that makes it ok to spend the afternoon in PJ’s. The rest of the day involved binging on Netflix and having an early night.

Monday 11th March

Now I work half a day I find Mondays so much easier. I think Mondays are more productive than ever. I get in, sort my emails, schedule my work and then complete any small urgent tasks. The morning flew by, so I was able to spend the afternoon scheduling Instagram posts. I was trying to do as possible ready for my weekend away.

During dinner, I started a new Netflix series, with Jack Whitehall and his dad travelling around Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Which I found quite entertaining.

Tuesday 12th March

Today I worked with Andy and Deborah and then had dinner with some more Netflix binging.

Wednesday 13th March

I worked from home today and finished both series of the Jack Whitehall programme. I then watched About Time, a film with Rachael McAdams. A lovely film with some sad moments. I seem to be in a TV/Film binging mode right now. Hopefully I snap out of it soon there is a lot still to do.

Thursday 14th March

This morning I had planned to go for a run, but it turned into a walk around Javea. I was on a mission to find a tripod for my iPhone so that filming would be easier. Just in case I got the chance to do any filming in Madrid. I found a tripod with bendy legs I can wrap around things for €2.90. I then spent the rest of the day, cleaning, organising and packing ready to get picked up at 5 pm.

Look out for my next post on my time in Madrid…

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