Dear Diary – Week Eleven in Javea

Monday 1st April

Today I decided to move to Australia. Every time In life I don’t know what to do next, I consider travelling. Australia has always been on my bucket list, but every time I have thought about it I haven’t gone. Either I wuss out or ended up back in a relationship. When I was at university I bought my Mackbook Air with the intention of taking it travelling after graduation. But here I am, nearly 3 years later, having not been to Australia.

Although In Spain I have been trying to focus on a career, learning and building up my side project. Recently I have started to lose momentum. As my return to the UK approached I started to panic and try to rush making a decision. This ultimately meant ground to a halt. So if you follow Simply Happy I apologise for the radio silence.

Being in Spain has opened my eye to the fact there is more to life. There is more to see and I don’t need to settle in my little corner of the UK. Well not just yet anyway. I have a long working life ahead of me and I realised I have plenty of time to work out what it is I want to do and try different things. No longer is it the norm to stay in a job for 30 years. There are so many options to try, which is what has held me back so far, but I realise now that is an advantage. The more I can see, try, do in life the more interesting my life will be.

My ultimate goal is still to have a family one day and I want to be able to tell my children and grandchildren amazing stories. I want to have life experience and have seen the world. I have always found it difficult filling in the “interests” part of a CV and thought I was quite a boring person. So my aim is to change that.

So for the last couple of days, I have been thinking about going travelling. That was why I spent the day at the beach on Thursday to try and think and figure out a plan. I love the idea of the digital nomad lifestyle travelling the world and working remotely. I have certainly enjoyed the version of that I have been doing for the last few months. I considered starting by Island hopping around Greece. However, with the economic uncertainty, I am not sure how I would work that out money wise. How I would get paid and what work I would do. So I started thinking further afield to countries that would be less affected by the “B” word going on in the UK.

By the time I got on Facetime to my parents towards the end of today, I was about 95% sure I was going to go to Australia. Having spoken to my mum and my sister who both love travelling, my sister has done a 3-month stint travelling the world, I ended the conversation 100% sure I was going to do it.

Tuesday 2nd April

Having made the decision I needed to get some accountability. So many times I have thought about doing things and not followed them through. So I told a couple of my closest friends in the office in the UK. They were excited and happy for me, so I started the get more excited and nervous. My parents had told me to try and keep it to myself as much as possible, as if work found out my plans they could choose to take action and let me go sooner than I was ready. I didn’t agree but tried to avoid telling the bosses. I had a really productive work day followed by some Netflix to take my mind of the big decision I had just made.

Wednesday 3rd April

Today I worked with Andy and Deborah and found it very difficult to hold my tongue. I think I had already told Deborah by this point it was something I was considering but not told her when or if I had made up my mind. When I got home I spent a few hours chatting to one of the guys back in the office, catching up on office drama’s and getting to know his better which was nice.

Thursday 4th April

Today I had a lay-in, I wanted to have a productive day starting with a little bit of overtime. But as I was working I was getting more and more anxious, my chest was tightening and I felt really crappy. To try and snap out of it, I went out to The Dress Agency to choose a dress for the expo I was going to be working on Saturday. I then came home showered and went out for a walk.

Writing my blogs or work on my Instagram just didn’t feel possible. I just felt stuck. So I walked around Javea for hours, down to the beach, along the coast to the port. Going in and out of shops along the way, looking for a notebook. I thought with so much going on in my head that I couldn’t share in public for fear of people finding out before I was ready I needed a safe place to blurt out everything in my head.

I couldn’t find a cute little journal as I was hoping and it wasn’t until I got to the last place on my list to look, closer to the town, that I decided to just by a cheap school notepad for about 50p.  As I left the shop I bumped into Deborah who gave me a lift home, via the beach for a quick drink. When she dropped me home I sat on my balcony and wrote. And wrote and wrote and wrote. I felt so much better afterwards and was able to have dinner and watch Netflix and just completely switch off. This was great as I felt like my mind had been on the go constantly.

Friday 5th April

This morning I woke up feeling a little off again, I think the fact I was keeping my decision to go from Deborah for a little longer was eating me up a bit. My spin session with her this morning was really good. I am starting to get to a point where I can push myself rather than just keeping up with the class. Maybe I am starting to enjoy spinning 🙂

I came home and had a shower and had a really chilled afternoon. Trying to do some tidying up of my photo’s etc getting things ready so that it makes my life easier when I do go travelling. Making space for all the photos and videos I plan to take. I also spent the evening chatting to mum on Facetime and Debbie, who was staying over dog sitting for the night. I tried to get an early night as I had an early start planned for the morning.   

Saturday 6th April

Today was an early start. I wanted to make sure I had time to do my hair and makeup for the exhibition. I was being picked up by Kirsty who works alongside Lea at The Dress Agency. Kirsty drove us both down to Altea and we parked up at a lovely looking hotel. The views out across the sea where gorgeous.

Inside Lea was already up and setting up the stand, we joined in waiting for the doors to open. I was on leaflet duty to start with standing at the bottom of the stairs greeting guests, handing them a Dress Agency flyer and directing them to our stand.

This is something I would have been particularly nervous about before, but as my confidence has started to grow it wasn’t so bad. Some people were easier to say hi to than others, but I managed to put a leaflet in the hands of most of the women that walked past.

Later I moved back to the stand and did more of the same. It was a long day of standing and smiling and we were all pretty knackered by the end. Then came time to pack everything away. I actually enjoyed this a bit more than the rest of the day as it felt like we were achieving more. Unfortunately, it pissed it down with rain just as everyone was wanting to take stuff to the car so we all got soaked. I didn’t want my little black pumps to get soaked and stinky so I was walking around barefoot in the rain. It was quite refreshing.

We made it back to the shop around dinner time quickly unloaded the cars and then headed home for dinner. I slept well.

Sunday 7th April

Today Deborah and I went for a Sunday morning spin, followed by a quick trip home to shower and get ready for our Sunday Funday. We were heading to Guadalest today, which was not too far from Altea where I had been yesterday. Deborah drove myself and Lizzie along the coast. We went through the outskirts of Benidorm, so that’s that another place I can say I have been. Heading high into the mountains meant there were some stunning views along the way.

On the journey, I told Deborah about my plans to move to Australia and when I intend to do it all. She was really excited for me. Gutted I’m leaving, but excited for the adventure I am about to begin. It was such a relief to be able to talk to her about it all.

When we arrived in Guadalest it was quite chilly but a beautiful clear sunny day. First, we did a little tour of an old house/museum which had a terrace with beautiful views over a stunning light blue lake. Then we climbed up to a cemetery and a vantage point with great views out over the sea and the turrets of the castle. After a bit more of a walk around, taking in the stunning views and pretty little town, we found somewhere to eat.

After a lunch of burger and chips, because when in Spain…lol. Then we had a lushhhhh ice cream and sat in the park while Lizzie played. She was loving the museums so we explored another little free museum which was basically just someone’s old house and then headed back to the car so we could go on the hunt for some waterfalls.

The Algar Waterfalls are not too far from Guadalest, about 30 minutes drive back in the direction of Javea. We parked up and walked through what I think was a town or small village, up the hill to the entrance of the waterfalls. There is a small fee to get in, but once inside it’s great to see. It’s basically some pathways that run either side of a stream of water running off the mountain. There are two significant waterfalls in the whole area, one I think is famous for being where a shampoo advert was filmed, the other a much shorter wider waterfall sits further upstream.

The water was crystal clear and in some areas the colours were beautiful. It looks like a great place to cool off in the summer, but Lizzie thought it would be a good idea to test the water out in early April. She loved it! We enjoyed walking the length of this section of river for about an hour before heading back to the car to make the rest of the journey back to Javea.

We got a cheeky drive through McDonald’s on the way back and I got home, ate, and got to bed pretty quick, after a busy weekend I was quite tired.

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