Dear Diary – Week Nine in Javea

Monday 18th March

Back to work back to reality, another normal half day of work. My afternoon consisted of doing a food shop. I had nothing in the fridge following the weekend away so my breakfast had been poor. I then did some work on my blog and had an early night as I was still shattered from travelling.  

Tuesday 19th March

Another full day of work. In the evening, Lea, my landlady asked if I would be interested in helping her out with some modelling. Debbie, who I had met before when she was dog sitting at the house, would be doing the hair. Lea owns The Bridal Boutique Javea as well as The Dress Agency Javea and has an exhibition coming up. She wanted to get lots of nice shots, to show off her stock. Debbie, a photographer and a couple of guys who owned classic cars all made arrangements with Lea for the day. Everyone would get involved for free and use it to promote their own businesses. So I said yes as it was a chance to do something a bit different and meet some new people.  

Wednesday 20th March

Today I worked with Andy and Deborah and then spent my evening planning the next few days.

Thursday 21st March

I find when I have a solid plan its a lot easier to get motivated and get up. I got up early compared to most mornings and went for a run. When I got home I got to work. I managed to get a lot done on a friends website and realised how I could improve my own. So worked on improving the new site for the rest of the day. I managed to get a few Instagram posts scheduled. It’s starting to catch up on my now. I did have a whole batch of them prepared. But soon I will get to the stage where I need to create a load more.

Whilst having dinner I wanted to switch off a bit so I watched a show on Netflix. It was a stand up thing with Amy Schumer. I found it quite funny and it allowed to switch of having been really productive all day.   

Friday 22nd March

Today I had another good start, I got up early and went for a run. I planned to work on my website for a bit and then do some other bits and bobs. UInfortunately, got a call this morning from my work bestie Chloe. She was letting me know that she has handed in her notice. She will have left the company by the time I got home. I was gutted, she brightens my working day and I really enjoy going into the office to spend the day working with her. It certainly will not be the same without her there.

I have loved being in Spain, the sun obviously is amazing, but also the way of life, It’s more laid back. Working from home has been great, no getting ready and no commuting. So going back to the office environment will be quite a change. Chloe’s departure will make it even more unusual when I get back.

After this call I had a bit of a slower day. I still managed to get a lot done on my website but not quite as much as I had hoped.

Saturday 23rd March

Today I planned to get some filming done. However, I got up late and I really wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to film a video for the about page of my new website. Multiple times I tried to get it right but I just looked bored AF so I gave up.  

Andy & Deborah were out and about so I met up with them in the port. There was some kind of street fiesta type thing going on where they had tapas and paella and drinks being sold in the middle of the road. We grabbed a seat and had wine. The queue for food was too long and Deborah fancied an Indian. Fortunately, there was an Indian restaurant right next to the food and festivities going on in the street. So we were sat on comfy chairs eating delicious food whilst enjoying the music and atmosphere going on outside.

After lunch, we went on the hunt for ice cream as a lot of places where closed. We then walked back home.

I didn’t have any dinner as I was stuffed but I spent most of the evening on Facetime with mum which was nice. It was good to catch up with her and tell her all about Madrid.

Sunday 24th March

Today was the day I got to play model. After pampering myself a little in the morning, and scheduling and quick Instagram post, I headed to Lea’s shop to begin getting ready. There were quite a few people there already. Lea and her colleague, the photographer and his colleague, Debbie, her daughter and her daughter’s friend and a couple of other ladies who were going to be modelling. Whilst waiting to get into the chair for hair and makeup I got into the first wedding dress. It was a Greecian dress with one shoulder. It was really nice but huge on my boobs, luckily it looked ok, even though it was a bit big.

When Debbie had done my hair and makeup we started shooting. I was quite nervous having never modelled before but it was ok. Although I haven’t see the photo’s yet so I don’t know how well I did. The next dress I got on was a fishtail dress, It was really unflattering and not a dress I would pick but it was quite comfy.

Almost the Perfect Dress

When I was little I alway imagined having a strapless wedding dress. As I hit puperty and nothing happened in the chest department I let go of that dream. But today I realised I might not have to. The next dress I tried on was a lovely, simple strapless dress. It fit me perfectly! It was so comfortable and really suited me. I wasn’t keen on the belt but the rest of the design was lovely.

After this dress, I tried on a couple more. Some I had to wear without a bra, so I felt very uncomfortable. The final dress I put on was the biggest, poofiest, princess dress ever. It was huge and heavy, but it looked pretty cool on. Again not really me but it looked awesome for the group shots we were doing outside.

I learned a few things today, modelling isn’t all that, its a lot of standing around waiting. I also learned I can get away with a strapless dress, and that poofy dresses are not for me. It was a good day overall something a bit different and a cool experience. Lea kindly took us out for dinner afterwards to say thank you for giving up our time. We had dinner in a lovely restaurant/bar along the seafront. It was a great place to be on a beautiful evening in Javea.

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