Dear Diary – Week Three in Javea

This week was, what is now becoming, an average week in Javea. A great weekend of fun and an ok working week. I am still enjoying the flexibility of working from home, but have been struggling with the lack of rigid routine. There have been several occasions where I have overslept so just worked in my PJ’s. I am getting there though. This week I discovered a new app that could change everything. 

Saturday 2nd February

After my Friday PT session I felt ok, a little bit tired, but fine. It wasn’t until I tried to get out of bed Saturday morning that I realised exactly how many muscles Tracy had worked the day before. I was incredible uncomfortable, moving everything hurt, particularly my legs. I hobbled around the house like an invalid most of the day. My landlady thought it was quite amusing. I was told getting straight back on the exercise would help keep me moving, but I really didn’t fancy a run. I had a bit of a chill day, doing a few odd chores and prepping some blog posts. Hoping tomorrow would bring some relief from my discomfort…

Sunday 3rd February

…It didn’t but I had to keep going on Sunday as I had made arrangements with Andy and Deborah. The plans for the day were, what I would call a family day out. We headed to a market to get some fresh veg. Unfortunately when we got there it was more of a car boot sale, flea market type thing. We wondered around regardless to have a nose, but headed back to the car a little disappointed. Instead of heading straight home we travelled to nearby Denia, to the marina for a short walk in the wind to a bar for a drink. 

After chilling for a little while we headed back to Andy and Deborah’s house to get cracking on the Sunday roast. It was lush, roast chicken, potatoes, gravy. And Wine, plenty of wine, kept the conversation flowing and made for a great afternoon dinner. It was a very nice meal, followed by a little trip down to a local bar. The wine had put us in the mood for booze, so we went to the octopus Deb, Lizzie and I to chill by the seafront and talk rubbish. It was a great day! 

Monday 4th February

Monday morning, I over slept so worked in my PJ’s. I managed to get one of my website projects through to completion so a semi productive day. 

Tuesday 5th February

I worked with Andy and Deborah during the day and spent the evening helping Lea with her website and social media. She runs a dress and bridal shop nearby and wanted a website just to advertise what she does. She had already downloaded a GoDaddy website builder so we worked through adding pictures and getting the wording right on a few pages of the site. Somehow this went on until gone 10 so I didn’t get the early night I was aiming for. But I was happy to help.

Wednesday 6th February

I struggled on Wednesday, work wise and personally to have any motivation to get stuff done. Easily managing to complete my work for the day, but when not it came to my blog. I get so excited and interested to read everything that I don’t get much further with writing. Either that or my work day drains  me and the sheer amount of stuff I want to get done on my side project daunts me and I end up not getting any of it done. Well on Wednesday I discovered a tool that I hope will change that. 


I have heard a few of the YouTubers I follow mentioning Asana. As I have been wanting to get stuff done for a while and it hasn’t happened, I knew I needed to try something new. I had already started trying Trello, but it wasn’t quite working out for me. So I thought I would give Asana a bash. When setting it up I wasn’t sure if it would work for me as an individual. One of the main benefits of the tool is the ability to collaborate on projects and assign tasks to different people. I wasn’t even sure how to get past the build a team part of registration, so I just entered another one of my email addresses. When I was in the dashboard I then removed the other email.

Once I had watched a few of the little tutorial clips and started creating tasks and project, I became hooked. I was able to enter all of my upcoming blog posts, add subtasks for each post. When you add due dates you can see them in calendar and list view. You can add tags to each task to easily group them. I thought it was brilliant and I spent the majority of my evening playing around and setting it up, adding every possible task I could think of. It also gave me the motivation to want to crack on the next day.

Thursday 7th February 

With this newly found motivation to get on with my day I got up early and got a clothes wash on, emptied the dishwasher and had a productive morning before work. I made sure I got dressed into my running gear so that as soon as work was over I had no excuse but to get out for a run. It worked! I had a productive day and I was feeling good having been for a run. I also introduced the tool to my colleagues. As Web Project Manager I think it would be great to use to collaborate on projects at work. We are now doing a week of testing before we see if it is work investing in.

Friday 8th February


Friday night kind of put a stop to my progress. I worked with Andy and Deborah in the day. Getting up early to get showered and dressed into the outfit I wanted to wear in the evening, ensured I was prepared. So after work we could head straight off. Lizzie and I went to Ballet and I got to watch her Tap and Ballets lesson which was cute. I enjoyed seeing the kids learning and it brought back memories of all the things I learned when I did Ballet.

After the lesson, Deborah picked us both up and took us to a tapas bar in the port. We stayed and ate and drank here for the whole evening. The food was alright. I got the garlic prawns I was after since I arrived. I was a little disappointed they were not sizzling but they tasted good. Especially after a few wines.

When we left the bar, Lizzie was tired and starting to play up, so I decided against getting in the car with the rest of the gang. I walked the 5K back from the port to the house. This was probably a mistake. I was wearing new pumps which were not stretched out yet so my feet got pretty sore on the long walk. Arriving home close to 1am was also not ideal. Walking in the door to the dogs barking the house down, I felt so bad. Turns out Lea didn’t hear any of it which was handy. 

I need to step it up

So it was an ok week. I am having great weekends but that seems to have a knock on effect to my productivity so I am going to try and cut back a little more on late nights and drinking so I can get more done. Also, no more Personal Trainer sessions, I need to get back to running. 

Next week I have a weekend hike planned, but not much going on in the week so lets hope I can step up the game with me personal projects, or even my reading. 

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