Hunter Valley Wine Tasting

I LOVE WINE! When I saw this G Adventures Tour had a Hunter Valley Wine Tasting experience I was sold!

In September 2016, on a romantic Greek holiday, I discovered the delight that is a glass (or jug) of white wine to go with a meal. I enjoyed fruity white wines with a long lunch of lamb and people watching. Followed by a crisp cold glass of white with garlic prawns and stunning views. From then on I became hooked. I now love a glass of in the evening with a nice meal or a cute country pub on a Sunday walk with mum. 

Earlier this year on a trip to Barcelona with my family we went to the Montserrat region. Here I got to experience wine in a different way. On a day trip and had a wine tasting in a vineyard in the valley surrounding the mountain. It was great fun getting to understand and try the different types of wine. I got my first proper experience of red. I found it to be a great activity and a good excuse to day time drink in a classy way 😂 

In this article, I share with you my second ever wine tasting experience. This time it was in the Hunter Valley Region of Australia. 

Where is Hunter Valley?

In June I joined a G Adventures Tour, heading from Sydney to Cairns stopping at many places between. Our first stop out of Sydney was the Hunter Valley Wine Tasting. Located in the Hunter Region, which extends 120km to approximately 310km North of Sydney. I was travelling in a private bus as a part of a tour. You can reach the hunter valley region via the intercity transport using the handy Opal card. There are regional train services available as well. 

Hunter Valley Wine Region

On both experiences I have done I was a part of a tour group and I recommend doing it this way. You get to share the experience with others. Transport to and from the winery is pre-organised. So no need to worry about tackling public transport or driving under the influence. As an introvert, I struggle to get up the courage to talk to people. Unless I have had a drink to give me some courage. So being part of a group tour was a great way for me to gain some alcohol-fuelled courage. I had a bit more confidence to take part in the group conversation some more. 

Why is Hunter Valley Famous for Wine

The Hunter Valley Wine Region is Australia’s oldest winemaking region. It was one of the first regions planted in the 19th century. So plays an important role in Australia’s winemaking history. The success of the Hunter Valley Wine region is down to its proximity to Sydney. The continued demand from Sydney still drives the Hunter Regions wine sales today.

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tour

How many Wineries in Hunter Valley

There are over 120 wineries in the Hunter Region making a variety of wines. Chardonnay,  Semillon and Verdelho for the white wines. And Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for the reds.

Hunter Valley Wines

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tour Review

Hermitage Road Cellar Door and Winery, have 30 wines from 7 different local producers. They have a wine theatre for a video demonstration of the production process. It was a very informative video presentation. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well. I was still getting used to a new routine and overcoming jet lag. But the best cure for everything is good wine! So after the video, we all lined up along the bar, facing our wine guide and got to try our first wines.

Starting with the whites, we tried a pinot and that’s about as much as I remember the names of all the wines we tried. Not because I was too intoxicated but it was some time ago now. I will need to get better at taking notes, as an aspiring travel blogger! There was a particularly delicious sparkling Moscato which we tried. A few of the girls purchased a bottle of this. The reds were nice too, but I am a white wine kinda girl all day long. My favourite from the day was the Pinot.

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting

Our guide was very informative. He explained each wine in-depth about what it offered and how we should be tasting it. He answered every question we had and was very accommodating.  

The area we were in was stunning, rolling hills covered in vines in all directions. This was also where we saw our first bit of wild Aussie nature. There were a couple of Kangaroos on the side of the road next to the winery. Next door to the winery there was a Segway tour office. From a bit of research, I have seen there is a lot of cool activities to do in the Hunter Valley region. Hot air balloon rides, spa days or full weekend getaways are a few of the things you can do here. I would definitely recommend a Hunter Valley Wine Tasting experience. 

Hunter Valley Wine

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Prices

Our tour cost was inclusive of the wine tasting. I do not have a breakdown of the prices that I paid. But, I have had a look around the website and it was about $30pp don’t hold me to that! There are some great tours available, as I said I would recommend doing a wine tasting as part of a tour. You may even get to see some other stops along the way. We also got to see a chocolate factory in the Hunter Region which was pretty cool. This site is great for searching for tours and prices for the particular dates you need. 

To Sum Up

My Hunter Valley Wine Tasting experience was short but sweet. Wine tasting is a fantastic activity. It’s a great way to see and taste a bit of the countryside in the area you are visiting. Hunter Valley, in particular, is stunning and the wine was delicious. If you are travelling the East Coast I would definitely recommend stopping off for a glass or two!

Hunter Valley Wine Tasting

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