I Love Travel

I have always enjoyed a holiday but recently I have caught the travel bug. From January to April I was living in working in Spain, exploring the Javea on the Costa Blanca and a couple of other areas.

In June I leave for Australia, via Kuala Lumpur and will be travelling the East Cost before finding somewhere to live and work. Catch up on my Spanish story or follow my Aussie Adventure here. 

Spanish Story

Over Christmas 2018 I decided I wanted get out of my comfort zone and out of the cold. Unusually for me I didn’t do much planning and with help from my colleagues in Spain, I found somewhere to stay booked my flights and on the 19th January I flew to Javea. 

I spent three months living and working not far from my colleagues. I really enjoyed being in the warm, exploring the area and working remotely. I was lucky enough that my colleagues became my friends as we did a lot of cool things together. 

Valencia, Madrid and Guadalest were some of my travelling hightlights. I also got to experience modelling wedding dresses for the day and attending an exhibition. At the end of my stay I travelled home via Barcelona, meeting up with my parents for a weeks holiday. 

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Australian Adventure

Having loved being away in Javea I was dreading going home. In my last couple of weeks in Spain I started to think about what I could do instead of going back to reality. After some consideration I decided I was going to move to Australia. Having arrived back in the UK now I have officially booked my trip. 

On the 10th June I will be heading to KL for a stopover and to visit my friend Becca before flying to Sydney. In Sydney I will join a group for an 18 tour up the East Coast to Cairns. After that who knows…

Find out how I am getting on with my biggest adventure yet.