Mallorca, Spain

At University I met Amy through my first year flatmate Bekky, we all got on straight away and decided to sign up to living together in second year. She is great girl, friendly, funny and hard working so definitely the right choice to live with. We continued to live together in third year and were adamant we would stay in touch.

So we planned a girls holiday for the May after graduation in Sunny Mallorca. This was a funny choice as we had been ribbing our second year housemate and Amy’s boyfriend Andy about his only family holiday destination being Mallorca.

We got a great deal on a hotel and flights and off we flew. Our Hotel was the last on a list of drop ops on the Hotel transfer bus and having seen the other hotels we were not that optimistic out our hotel. However we were pleasantly surprised. The Hotel was exactly how it looked in the pictures online, clean, modern and simple. We were greeted with a cocktail and shown to our room, which was lovely.

We explored the surrounding areas on foot at the beginning of the holiday when it wasn’t too hot. as it warmed up we spent plenty of time relaxing, sun bathing, eating, drinking and chatting. We rounded off our trip nicely with a day spent with one of Amy’s friends who happened to be on holiday at the same time as us. We got a trip around the Islands cost on a boat and then enjoyed a wine filled final buffet meal in the hotel.

It was a fantastic holiday and we were very sad to leave.

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