New Year New Hobby

At the beginning of this year I decided I needed to become a bit more interesting, add a few more strings to my bow and start a new hobby. My boyfriend James has enough hobbies for the both of us but I needed something to do with my evenings. So I decided writing could be my new thing. I also thought this would be a perfect excuse to invest in some new stationary. After seeing to my craving with a trip to Paperchase and a cute new notebook, I set to writing. I thought that by keeping a diary to start with, I would get my writing rhythm going and it would later develop into a career of writing awesome novels.

This hasn’t quite gone to plan. Firstly I chose the wrong sized notebook, smaller than A5 makes for writing on the left page quite difficult. Secondly, after 3 years at uni studying a digital subject and over a year in a digital company my writing skills are lacking. I completely rely on spell check, my spelling and grammar have never been good and the very helpful built in tool has saved my bum a few times. I also think too fast for my fingers to write so I have had to revert to typing. Hence this blog update perhaps I can now keep my blog up to date and improve my website as I go.

I still intend to continue trying to write but it will most likely be all digital and all online. This website/blog has been a little unloved and as summer approaches and there seems to be more hours in the day I am going to try and find time to keep things going.

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