New York, New York

Between Christmas and New Year in 2017 I was very fortunate to be able to experience upper class travel to New York curtesy of my Sister Jess and her Job at Virgin Atlantic. We were having a girly trip away with Myself, Jess, Mum and My Boyfriends Mum. Our trip got off to a great start with a stint in the Upper Class lounge at Heathrow sipping wine on a rooftop Pod watching planes take off.

We Landed late in the evening in New York but it was lit up like a Christmas Tree, we were not able to check in until the next day to we checked our baggage and ventured out into the chilli New York night. We had a wonder and got to see Grand Central Station quite empty at night so got in a few snaps here. We then headed down 5th Av to the Apple Store where I was ready for an upgrade. We continued to wander and then spent the rest of the night in the hotel foyer where I was excitedly setting up my new iPhone X. Although I had taken my DSLR for pic taking I didn’t really use it again after getting my new gadget.

On our first full day we set out to go to a big out of town outlet shopping area. As we headed out of the central city we started to see a different side of the New York area, with tree’s and some all American Snow. The shopping area was lovely, I wasn’t too keen on the food on offer, slightly lacking in the fruit I was craving so a crappy McDonnald’s breakfast it had to be. Unfortunately all I bought whilst there were some boxers for the BF but considering my massive spend the day before I didn’t set out to buy anything.

We made sure the rest of the trip involved seeing the classic NY sites including:

  • Empire Sate Building
  • The New York Public Library
  • Rockefella Centre and Christmas Tree
  • One World Trade Centre
  • Central Park

As much as I loved seeing all the sights and at Christmas time, the bitter cold and overcrowded streets meant that it wasn’t my idea of a great holiday. I am happy I have seen it all and ticked it off my list, but it wont be somewhere I rush to go back to any time soon.

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