Self Taught Rebranding

The company I work for is a small, but growing, digital agency at the foot of the South Downs. We are uniquely located, surrounded by beautiful countryside servicing the whole of the UK and Europe. The company has gone from strength to strength growing in both in size and in what we offer which has seen expansion of office space within a converted stud. The company is called PPC Stars and this year the MD Tony Humberstone decided it was time to give the brand a refresh. The company is known for its expertise in PPC and is recognised as a Google Premier Painter, but what we offer is so much more. We have SEO experts, social media stars and creative web designers and want to show the world we offer more than just PPC.

A Rebranding Project

The project got off to a slow start, the person in charge of the rebrand left the company. With such an exciting opportunity to learn and get involved I picked up the baton and ran with it. I started reading articles in the evenings, on  my lunch breaks and on the loo in the morning to get a better understanding of what is involved in a company rebrand. We pulled together a committee with representatives from each departments, created a comprehensive list of tasks, responsible people and deadlines and set to work.

A chance to show off my skills

As a recently appointed Web Project Manager it was my chance to prove my organisational skills. I made sure we had several committee meetings to discuss the most important tasks that required input from everyone. We settled on doing an internal and external launch. Where the staff would be let in on some but not all of the progress of the project to create an air of excitement. Our clients would be notified of the change but not let in on the details, such as the new look, the new logo and colours, to create a more impactful launch. 

We put in place a roll out plan for the clients, a 4 stage email marketing strategy to inform all our current clients about the change before that launch date, revealing a bit of information every month in the lead up. The original date for launch was sometime in September 2018, we quickly realised this was not possible, we all had to maintain our full time roles as well as work on the rebranding tasks so negotiated a new year launch with the boss. Today is our launch date. So I have now left PPC Stars for the last time and will return tomorrow as a part of the Vooba team.

My Role

Throughout the project I carried a lot of the workload. From organising the tasks to completing a fair chunk of them myself. Jobs I participate in or completed include:

  • Planning
  • Running Meetings
  • Content Writing for the Vooba website
  • Creating our brand voice
  • Researching and helping with Vision Mission Values
  • Designing Remarketing Banners
  • Creating and Collating the Welcome Pack for Current and New Staff
  • Planning the internal launch day
  • Creating the Email Marketing for Clients and Suppliers
  • Creating a Blog plan with topics for 2 blog posts per month + 5 for launch
  • Writing some of the blog posts
  • Helping with Social content planning
  • Creating social artwork templates for new websites, quotes, case studies etc.
  • Ordering branded merchandise

I also wanted to help towards making sure that Vooba is a great place to work in the new year by introducing the Vooba games, creating a little bit of healthy competition within the company with regular challenges and games to earn points for your team which will result in a prize once a quarter for the winning team. Teams were picked at random so that people who would not normally work together would get an opportunity to get to know each other better. This has already started in the run up to launch to get the team in the spirit and keep them interested in the months leading up to Christmas.

The Website

Our Head of Web & Create Andy has created an awesome website, I hope that one day I have the eye for design and attention to detail that he has to create something so clean and modern. This launches today so check out today to see all his hard work.

What I learnt

I have learnt a lot on this project about the company, my colleagues and the amount of work that goes into a rebrand. It has been tough and we have faced some challenges mostly time pressures, but we have succeeded in transforming our company into Vooba. We have a bright and exciting future with a strong friendly team of hardworking individuals who are all ready and motivated to help your business grow. If you would like us to help us transform your business, with our digital marketing expertise get in touch!


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