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    Business Workshop for Perfectionists

    Today I attended a business workshop for perfectionists with Sam Brown a business and mindset coach who I have been following online for a little while. She guided us through, journaling, business and mindset, clarifying a niche, what’s holding me…

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    Overcoming the Fear of the Phone

    I know I am not the only one, I once heard a DJ mention a hatred of talking on the phone. I have a feeling it might have been Fearne Cotton but don’t quote me on that. For as long…

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    An Organisational Journey

    Why am I not productive? I love organising. I wrote a post on it a while ago, mentioning my obsession with spreadsheets and stationary. This love of lists and planning unfortunately does not result in a completely organised life. I…

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    3 Month Spanish Adventure

    Planning a Move When 2019 kicked off I created some goals, none of those involved travel. However, I do have an interest in travelling and seeing a bit more of the world. Since my trip to Javea, Spain last June…

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    Career Crossroads – Trying to Find the Right Path

    With years of difficult career decisions, through school, collage and university, I thought that by now I would have a focused career path. I am currently in a job I enjoy, with some great opportunities. But with so many opportunities…

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    Self Taught Rebranding

    The company I work for is a small, but growing, digital agency at the foot of the South Downs. We are uniquely located, surrounded by beautiful countryside servicing the whole of the UK and Europe. The company has gone from…

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    Should I make myself redundant?

    When you are not happy in your job, when it is ok to leave without another job to go to? Is it ever ok to quit? See how I dealt with this tough decision.