10 Things That Make Me Happy

A few months ago I would have really struggled to think of anything I had to be happy about. When you’re feeling low it can be really hard to pick yourself back up. So when you are happy and you can think of things that make you happy, write them down. 

Get them out of your head and into the physical world, in a place that’s easy to find. Then, when you are going through a sadder time you have it to hand. Rather than trying to pluck those happy memories from a cloudy mind.

Here are the 10 things that make me happy, to help get you going. Maybe some of you can relate to these and put them on your happy list. 


I love the sun, living in the UK you certainly notice when it is there. Part of the reason I moved to Spain in Winter was to grab all the sun I could get. I struggle at home in the cold. I get chilblains all over my fingers and I spend most of the day in my coat. This seems to have massively affected my mood. Which I didn’t realise until I got to sunny Spain. I instantly noticed a shift towards a happier me. 


My love of outdoors comes from the fact I am a bit of a country bumpkin. I didn’t really appreciate where I live until I went to University in a city. Although I look back now and think Bournemouth is quite nice, when I was living there I didn’t like it. When I was at Uni it really made me appreciate how beautiful Sussex is. I used to love getting home and going for a walk along the South Downs. 

Being in the fresh air, whether it’s by the beach breathing in the salty sea air, or in a park smelling fresh cut grass and flowers, is lush. I feel so grateful to be alive when I’m outside, especially when it’s sunny too. 


Planning is something I do a lot of. A year or so ago people thought I did this to the extreme. They said I planned my life too far ahead and I needed to live in the moment. They were right. At the time I didn’t see them as plans I saw them as flexible goals. Something to aim for, if I didn’t get there it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. Now those plans or goals are no longer and my focus has shifted.

Now I plan for success. I plan my days to the hour, to get as much in a day as I can. I love planning because it helps me set smaller achievable goals. As you will see this relates to one of the other things that make me happy. 

Clean Sheets

I mean, who doesn’t love freshly cleaned sheets to climb into at the end of a long day. The smell of washing powder and that crisp clean feeling is amazing. I always make the mistake of changing my sheets on a Sunday. Which makes getting out of bed on a Monday morning so much harder.


I really enjoy wine! this hasn’t been a long term love affair and we have certainly had our ups and downs. Very recently we fell out over a night out in Javea. But I do enjoy a nice glass of white. I didn’t actually discover my love of wine until my holiday to Kefalonia in September 2016. It wasn’t until my boyfriend at the time got me to try it properly, that I realised I loved it. We ended up drinking it by the litre in Greece it was fantastic. 


Holidays are amazing, its what a lot of us work all year to achieve. To have that week or a couple of weeks a year, somewhere hot and sunny. Well for me its a warm holiday I’m after as opposed to a skiing holiday. I think the best holidays combine the ability to explore, try new things and relax. 

Kefalonia was a good example of my kind of holiday. Week one we chilled by the pool and at the beach. We only ventured out to get food and tried a few of the local taverna’s. Week two we hired a car and went exploring. We roughly planned our days around the weather forecast and spent the week exploring the whole island. Seeing the caves, driving up the mountain, as well as visiting a lovely marina at the other end of the island it was a fantastic trip. 

I had a similar style trip with my Uni friend Amy to Mallorca, good food, good wine, great company, relaxing and exploring combined. The picture above is from my last family holiday to Antigua, which was stunning and a very relaxing holiday!

Friends & Family

I love spending time with my friends and family. My happiest memories of childhood are family days out and days out with friends. They still make up my happiest memories today. While in Spain I am discovering a whole different kind of happiness, learning to be happy in my own company. However, I look forward to meeting up with my parents in April. I have already started planning some get-togethers with friends when I get home. 


Happiness for me involves achieving goals. Not just hitting my goals, but seeing my friends and family achieve goals also makes me happy. My biggest achievement in life so far is completing University and doing it completely off my own back. The pride I felt finishing those 3 years, sticking to something and seeing it through a successful completion I was chuffed. Although the journey didn’t make me that happy. The achievement of reaching the end, having funded myself, made me feel great. 

I also love seeing my friends achieve, whether it’s academically, professionally or in life. It’s great to see them on paths to success and it makes me feel extremely proud to see how well they are all doing. It’s a great feeling!

Good Food

Now, this one might shock a few. I am known for been a fussy eater, its only in the last few years the range of foods I am prepared to entertain has expended. However, I am still not keen on some key players, cheese, mushrooms, cabbage etc. Although I love going out to eat in restaurants, if I am going to try a new food this will be where it happens. I also love the basics. A good roast dinner, with lashings of gravy and the potatoes, cooked just right makes me so happy. 

Exploring New Places / Adventure

Having been on a few holidays in the last couple of years with people who have been before, although I had a great time, I realised that it takes a little bit of the fun out of exploring. When I go somewhere new I love finding my own way, not knowing what is going to be around the next corner. 

I am realising this more and more being in Spain. Although there are people I know here taking me out to new places. I am really enjoying when I find things for myself. 

A little bit of this comes down to the sense of achievement. I have always been quite shy, would never really want to go anywhere on my own, or would only go to places that were familiar. The fact that I am even here on my own is a big adventure and when I go for a run and take a different route, see new things, find my way on my own, I feel so happy. 

Happy that I am at a stage in my life where I have the confidence to explore on my own. As well as being happy with the sensation of experiencing new things, exploring my stunning surroundings, and making something as mundane as a run into an adventure. 

Before You Go

So this has been a get to know you post. I hope it has also been a little inspiration to think about what genuinely makes you happy. As you can see it can be as simple as the smell of clean sheets or a sunny day. 

Happy Mind, Happy Life!

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