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Full time Web Project Manager, blogging and designing on the side. This site is a part of my online portfolio showcasing design projects, blogs and hobbies.

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A Digital Marketing and Design Professional based in West Sussex. Skills include Web Design, SEO and Customer Service. With a Degree in Digital Media Design I have a good general understanding of many disciplines in the Digital Sector. My Experience in a marketing agency has given me insight into Online Optimisation, Paid Marketing as well as Social Media.

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Sharing a little bit of me with you. This website is an accumulation of everything have learnt and continue to learn working in and researching the digital industry. In 2016 I graduated from Bournemouth University with a 2:1 in Digital Media Design. On completing my degree I spent a short time working for a bank before I gained my first and current job in a marketing company. I first worked as an SEO executive, managing the organic campaigns of several clients and gaining a good understanding of organic marketing. After 8 months in SEO I moved to Web Design utilising some of the skills I learnt at University. After a year in the department trying to improve processes I was promoted to Web Project Manager where I now use my organisational skills to manage larger projects, planning, scheduling and managing expectations, through to completion.

In my free time I am working on my blog, sharing stories, tips and tricks and anything I feel like writing that I hope might help others. I hope to improve my writing, design and social media skills and through sharing my story I like to think others might relate or take something from it that helps improve their own lives. I love a holiday so will be sharing stories of my travels as well as tips for saving and planning for big life events, goal setting and day day to stories. I enjoy running, Zumba & Ballet and hope in 2019 I will continue to enjoy and progress in these activities whilst sharing my progress to keep me accountable.