hi i'm Steph

I love blogging travel organising

I am about to embark on an incredible adventure. Leaving my home in the UK and travelling to Australia to live and work. I have a one way ticked and a very small baggage allowance!

I leave behind a good job in the marketing industry in pursuit of a more flexible career to accommodate my current craving for adventure. Having never had a particular passion for a career I continue to look for something that is more aligned with my life goals and values.

Moving to Australia gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, learn skills in various roles and network with a wider community of digital professionals. I have recently discovered the term “Virtual Assistant” and want to explore this as a potential career direction.

With experience in customer service, SEO, website design and a great ability to stay organised I already have skills I can share.

This website and blog is the virtual representation of me. From career progression to sharing my experiences on my travels and much more. Follow my personal development here or you can also check out my socials. Welcome to my world!