Steph Welch


Hi, I’m Steph. A design virtual assistant helping women start and scale their brand by creating bespoke designs that stand out on Pinterest. 

About Me

I’m a multi-passionate creative with a love of all things visual. My mission is to help brand’s stand out online by creating stunning visual content. 

After trying, and not loving, several different career paths I realised I needed to stop chasing an income and start doing something I enjoy.

I started my business not knowing exactly what I had to offer but wanting to create an income online which allowed me freedom and control in my life.

My first year in business involved a LOT of trial and error, solo travel and an emotional rollercoaster. 

Now I’m clear that creativity needs to be at the centre of what I do and I’m focused on growing as a designer to help me on my mission.

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2017 - 2019

Industry Experience

I worked for a marketing agency, first as an SEO executive but mostly as a Web Designer. It was a small agency and I was able to shape my role and take part in some exciting projects. 

Most notably I lead the rebrand of the company. I was involved in task creation & allocation, organisation of meetings and third party contractors. I also completed the majority of tasks myself. 

I created visual templates for social media graphics, branded internal and client facing documents. Display Ads, Business Cards, Merchandise, Launch Party …the list goes on. I loved it! I loved making sure everything was on brand and look great across all platforms.

The launch of the new brand was my proudest work achievement to date.


2019 - Present

Freelance Experience

After quitting my job in May 2019, I registered as self employed and set off on a massive solo adventure to Australia. 

My first client as a freelancer was a friend. I helped with branding, Web Design and Social Media Management. 

My next clients were contacts I made on my travels, some were in exchange for accommodation and others were paying clients.

I offered help with web tasks, social media strategy, branded content templates, web design, SEO and more.

More recently I have reframed myself from Freelancer to Virtual Assistant. Embracing my multi-passionate self and offering only the services I love the most.


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