Another Project Gets the Boot

A part of me feels like a failure for even writing this post. Yet another project I have started I am giving up on. Why do I find it so hard to stick to these projects? On the 1st March, I launched a new Instagram account Simply Happy Organising (now Simply Happy Steph). I wanted to put into practice everything I was learning on the content marketing course I was studying whilst in Spain. 

On the 1st of April, I launched a website/blog to accompany the Instagram account. My intention was to share my journey towards becoming healthier, happier and more organised. Learning to live and love life alone and tracking my personal development journey. 

Perfectionism, Overwhelm and Procrastination Got in My Way

The same month I launched the blog I got overwhelmed with decision making and my fast approaching return to the UK. I knew I didn’t want to go back to the way life was at home and that I needed to make a change. The deadline of my return meant I put pressure on myself to basically figure life out in the remaining month of my time in Spain. This meant I stopped doing anything. 

My goal to improve my fitness was no longer a priority. I had stopped running and if it weren’t for the fact my friend bought me 4 spinning sessions I would not have been moving at all. My goal to do loads of online courses went out of the window. In my first couple of months, I completed a few courses, gaining some new skills and an interest in content marketing. In the last month, I did nothing towards learning and growing personally or professionally. 

When my batch content for the Simply Happy Instagram ran out I struggled to create more. I was losing confidence in the concept and the love of creating the content. In my first couple of months, I had also given YouTube a go, putting into practice things I had learned in the Video 101 course I had purchased but by month 3 I no longer had anything to say. 

The Root Cause of My Distress Was a Big Decision

April was full of uncertainty for me and everything was suffering. It was until I made a decision that things started to get better. I decided that rather then going back to normal life on my return to the UK I would book to go travelling around Australia. 

Once this decision had been made a weight had been lifted. But I made that decision just as my free data ran out and I was about to travel to Barcelona to meet my parents for the end of my Spanish adventure. This meant that my Simply Happy project suffered even more. I did attempt to integrate some of the travel stuff into the feed but I’m not sure it worked that well, engagement didn’t improve nor did my following. 

A Change of Direction in My Career

Having spent 3 months thinking about my career path and different options I was no further forward. At one point I thought content creation was it, I really enjoyed it thought about going down that route. I even applied for a content position at a company. I had a telephone interview but never heard anything back. But it was after my Birthday lunch with Lea that she helped me think about where my strengths lie and what I might be good at. 

This leads me to consider a career as a Virtual Assistant (VA). The part of my current role that I enjoy over the website design and build is the admin. I am good at organising tasks, translating my bosses requests into professional sounding emails and making sure that communication with clients is frequent and professional. I have loved the ability to work remotely in Spain for 3 months and the thought of going back to an office environment fills me with dread a little bit. 

So being a VA seems right up my street, my interest in content marketing and experience in a marketing company will be a good experience to focus on a niche area of VA work. 

Why I’m Thinking of Shutting Down my Project

So over the last week or so I have started the process of planning for Australia as well as looking into being a VA as a career. This week I will be registering as self-employed so that I have the option to do remote work whilst on my travels for companies back in the UK. 

I have been considering whether I should now shut down Simply Happy, I lost the love and focus for it while I was in Spain. Now I have a new adventure on the horizon my lifestyle is going to change considerably. If I am going to become a VA I need to focus on self-promotion.  

I thought about registering my business as Simply Happy to continue using the name and domain and social accounts. But I don’t think it works with the work I will be doing. The more I think about it, my intention for Simply Happy was to document my journey to a more organised, simple life. This is all personal stuff that should be shared on my personal accounts. 

The New Plan

My new plan going forward is to focus all my energy into growing my personal brand:


I will try to increase my engagement and following on Instagram, appealing to a few different audiences. Those that are interested in seeing my personal development. As well as targeting the types of clients I would like to attract in my VA business. 


Another focus will be to increase my presence on LinkedIn. If I am going to be a business and attract business clients, I need to make sure my professional presence is consistent. 


I really enjoyed doing the videos on YouTube when I was in Spain and I would like to see if this is something I can pick up again. This will be another way to document my journey with travelling, organising and life in general. 

I am going to try not to rush the process and enjoy it instead. It will take time to get to where I need to be, as I intend to enjoy every second of my Australian adventure. I hope I will be able to gradually build up the skills and confidence so that when I get home I can go straight into being a freelance VA but I am open to that changing over the next year or so as I spend more time working on my personal development and exploring the world. 

Goodbye Simply Happy

Sorry to those of you who have been following the Simply Happy brand. (You may notice I am not 100% committing to giving it up just yet, for fear of looking like a failure but still…) I am going to either put it on hold for now or get rid of it completely. I haven’t decided yet. 

Hopefully, you will continue to follow my journey, travelling, organising and figuring life out. Whether it’s here on the blog or on my various social media. 

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