Career Crossroads – Trying to Find the Right Path

With years of difficult career decisions, through school, collage and university, I thought that by now I would have a focused career path. I am currently in a job I enjoy, with some great opportunities. But with so many opportunities available comes some more difficult decisions. I don’t know what the future holds for my personal life so I need to focus on my career. To do this I need to choose a direction I feel happy with and really focus on it and progress. Choosing that direction though is tough. 

Potential Career Paths:

Web Designer

I have been a web designer for over a year now. Learning the basics of HTML at university and since I have explored designing and building in WordPress. My confidence in building HTML and WordPress sites has improved. However my lack of experience in css and javascript means by ability to create from scratch is limited. I am a hacker more than a coder, using chunks of code from existing sites to add features. Although I learn through trial and error and I am getting there, I’m not sure building websites is for me. The beginning of a web project is my favourite, creating a good homepage design. It’s when the code becomes more complex or I have to start problem solving I loose interest.

Project Manager

In August we had a big website project that required organising to keep the client happy and the project on track. I was asked to step in and create a schedule, which I shared with the main designer and the client. This meant that everyone was working towards the same goals. As this was useful I was asked to be a project manager. My role would be to help manage more website projects in this way. Since then I have been coordinating a lot of the ongoing work in the website department. I have also managed the rebrand project for the company. I enjoy organising but it takes me away from the creativity of design that I love. If I worked a bigger company with larger projects I would not enjoy it as much. 

Digital Desginer

I love the idea of being great at graphic design. I would love to learn how to use tools like illustrator and indesign more in depth to create better designs. Designing brochures, logo’s, posters and other digital art work, really appeals to me. However I realise this is a very competitive industry and I don’t have exceptional talent. I am also not confident in my skills and can’t find time to improve outside of work. This must mean that it is not my passion as if it were I would make time. 

Social Media Specialist

What I do love doing outside of work, is blogging and looking at ways to improve my social media profiles. I think sitting with the social team at work has helped, but I do have a genuine interest in social media marketing. Articles on social media for business are the types of articles I will read whilst eating breakfast in the morning. Personal branding and the science of social media are the subject of the podcasts I listen to whilst doing the washing up. I would love to have a niche or a product or service I could have a go at marketing using social media. I think social media might be a good combination of my organisational and planning skills. It would also encompass my interest in design and writing, through creating the social artwork and writing content for the social posts. 

Content Marketing Executive

Working on the rebrand for the company I work for I have done a lot of content writing and editing for all the pages of the website as well as new blog posts, emails to clients and case studies. I have found this a challenge, but an enjoyable challenge and it has inspired me to add something content related to this list. To improve my writing style and grammar I need training and to learn how to use english better, but I think it is something I would enjoy and be good at. I have a done a little research into Content Marketing as apposed to copywriting as I think a content marketing role would be more varied as it encompass all the marketing disciplines I have been involved in so far. Whether this is something I should stick with on a small scale and just write content for social and my personal blogs or whether it is a career option I should consider I am unsure. 

What do I do?

So as you can see I have a few options and I am really uncertain as to what is the right path for me right now. If anyone has any advice or tips it would be much appreciated. For now I am going to try and take on as much knowledge as possible. I am now away for 3 months where I hope to complete more Google Exams, get more organised with my blog and learn all I can about Marketing and Design in the hope that I work out where my talent lies and how best to progress my career.

career crossroads

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