Dear Diary – Week Five In Javea

This week was a week of working hard and at the end of the week playing even harder. It was my first week of being part-time. I am so grateful to get the opportunity to have this extra time, while I have energy and motivation to use it to my advantage. Those 2 and half days extra this week, have already moved me forward leaps and bounds in my personal development and learning.

Saturday 16th February

I went for a run today, only managing to get to 2K. Even though I had essentially failed I didn’t really care. I was happy walking back in the beautiful sunshine taking in the scenery and fresh air. All I could think was failing today means more room for improvement tomorrow.

I got home and got blogging, I managed to get two posts written and scheduled. Spending the rest of the day on my UX Course meant I got a fair bit completed.

Sunday 17th February

Changing up my running route in the morning meant I was able to complete the 5K a lot easier. A change of scenery helps keep the run interesting. I felt like I was exploring and running, killing two birds with one stone.

I booked my train ticket from Valencia to Barcelona to go and meet my parents in April. My friend and I are planning to meet up when I get home in May. So I started looking at spa breaks for a girly trip away and catch up.

I keep slipping behind with blog posting as learning is taking priority. I did manage to get a draft for one post done today. As well as spending some more time on the UX Course.

One of the topics I want to delve a little deeper into while I am out here is content marketing. A massive part of content marketing is video, its a big driver of business for a lot of companies. I therefore feel its something I need to look into and understand better. I started to practice putting together a video today. A compilation video of my first month in Javea, but it was crap so it won’t be going anywhere. But getting back into using the tools and having a play was a good thing to do.

Monday 18th February

Today was my first half day at work. I had an ongoing project to complete so spent a lot of the morning working on this. This overran a little but I still managed to have a productive afternoon outside of work. I got all my meal prep done for lunches for the week.

While it was still sunny I went for a run, which due to a stitch turned into a walk. I then sat on the beach for a while thinking about some ideas for another project I am working on. My friend is just starting as a self-employed carpenter, so I am helping him with his online presence. This allows me to put into practice some of what I’m learning, and help him get some business in. So I set up his account whilst on the beach, that was a pretty cool way to work. If only my battery hadn’t been about to give up I could have spent some time there.

Tuesday 19th February

Tuesday’s are now supposed to be my day with my colleagues. Illness swept through their house this week so I steered clear.

In the evening I started work on the website for my friend. I managed to get a holding page live. I also posted his first 3 Instagram posts to the business account. It has done quite well already, I am excited to see how it progresses.

Wednesday 20th February

After work today I went to a local school with Deborah. We are now signed up for a 5K run for international women’s day, taking place on the 10th March. It sounds like a really fun day and its some motivation to keep my running up. After a trip to Iceland, we went to the port for a nice evening stroll around the boats.

Thursday 21st February

My first proper day off as a part-time worker and I really made the most of it. I had spent the previous evening calendar blocking my day. So I knew what I had to do for each hour of the day, and it made me so productive. I got up early, got my first load of washing in, did some other household chores before breakfast. Going for a run gave me the energy to spend a huge chunk of time on the computer. I spent some time on the UX Course. As well as working on my friends, website and Instagram. After dinner, I spent an hour reading and completing my journal entry for the day. I think calendar blocking is the way forward for me I am so pleased with my productivity today.

Friday 22nd February

Today I completed my UX Course, 10 hours of UX Design videos watched, over 43 pages of notes made. Reading back over the notes will help work out what is relevant, and how I can use it to Vooba’s advantage. It should help with selling, designing and building websites and maybe in other areas of the company too.

I am glad I have completed the course, but I am really excited to move onto the next course. Hubspot offer a free content marketing course, so I signed up and started wathcing a bit of that today. In the afternoon I did some more blog writining and got ready for our evening of fun.

Disco spin to get us pumped

This started at 6:15 with a 90s disco spin class. It was good fun, I still find sitting on a bike incredibly uncomfortable. The music was enough of a distraction to get through the spin class. I am not sure if I will be joining any regular classes now though. My focus is still running.

After spin Daborah, her friend Malc and I parted ways to get ready for our big night out. We reconviened in a local Indian restaurant for some dinner and drinks before heading to a nearby bar. Unfortunatly the club, Deborah had intended us to go to had closed. We ended up bar crawling, finishing up in a kareoke bar singing rocket man and mambo number 5. We were out well into Saturday morning, way past my bedtime but it was a good night.

Feeling the effects

Unfortunately, the food I had eaten caused an IBS flare up. That combined with too much wine resulted in a very uncomfortable morning on the bathroom floor. Mid-morning I just about managed to get downstairs to top up my water and get some bread to nibble on. When I got back into bed I was so knackered from being verticle, it took me a good 5 minutes before I could even take my first bite. I don’t think I have ever felt so weak in my life. There have been bad nights after drinking but this was a different kind of feeling.

Doing some reading distracted myself from how bad I felt and this helped me finish the bread. After a nap, I was refreshed. By 2 pm I was able to get out of bed, throw on some clothes and get down to the supermarket. So I didn’t feel too bad about wasting the day, I did a little more of the content course.

Never again…. Will I have more than 2 glasses.

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