Dear Diary – Week Four in Javea

This week, in terms of what I actually did, was not really that exciting. I had a good weekend, the highlight of which was a 10K walk up a mountain. The biggest thing that happened to me this week though was a shift in my mindset. Having watched a few videos from motivational influencers, I am starting to change the way I think and feel about life. I can feel myself getting more focused on what I want, and what I don’t want. This week I also took action, another spontaneous decision, that was quick to manifest into reality. I will explain below. 

Saturday 9th February 

This was a chores day. I had a little lay in. Enjoyed a walk to Iceland where I felt so much more comfortable surrounded by all the english labels. I particularly enjoyed walking down the cleaning isle. Flash bathroom went straight in my basket, so I could make my bathroom smell like home. I then headed home, did a bit of tidying and cleaning. My bathroom smelled so good I kept going back in just to have a sniff.

Sunday 10th February 

I had another little lay in today. Around mid-morning Deborah picked me up and took me back to there house. Deborah, Lizzie and I then set off on a hike up to the windmills. The chicken was in the oven ready for our lovely roast when we got back. The route we planned to do was not far. It was a bit more of an incline that I expected but I actually quite enjoyed climbing up the rocks. The views from the top were stunning. It looked out over the area I was gradually becoming familiar with. I could see the route I run along the coast and the road Deborah drives me home on. It was pretty cool. 

Deborah suggested we walk along a bit further and we would get to the lighthouse. A little way into this journey, Lizzie who is 7 got a bit tired and agitated. When I got to a spot I wanted to take some pictures I got my glass ball out. That kicked things right off, Lizzie wanted to play with the ball, which was a no go. So a 45 minut screaming tantrum ensued. We tried to block it out and focus on the stunning surroundings. It wasn’t until she could see we were on our way home that she calmed down.

Sunday Roast

When we got back to Andy and Deborah’s we sat down to another delicious roast. The day was a good day we had walked 10K up and down the mountain. There were some fantastic views and we had a delicious roast.

I left shortly after dinner and walked the 30mins home. On my way, I stopped by a smily old man who wanted to chat. I said I only speak a little Spanish. He didn’t realise all I knew was “my name is Steph”, “I am 26 years old”. I must have even got that wrong he laughed as he thought I said 6. Anyway that brighten up my afternoon a little more on my walk back. 

Monday 11th February

Lea my land lady was having some construction done today so I worked with Andy and Deborah. The day was a normal workday. Oh, except the fact we had a full leftover roast for lunch. #winning. As I was full up still when I got home I had a small dinner and prepped my lunches for the week. 

Tuesday 12th February

I was up early today and managed to finish off and post a blog post before work. I worked from home today, even though there was still a lot of noise going on. From the guy doing construction, the dogs barking and Lea’s son screaming at his game. After work I went for a run to get some piece. As I have been writing a post on SEO for work it encouraged me to look into my own website. I spent a lot of time optimising the images on the site to improve load times. I have also written a massive to do list of all the things I need to do to improve it. 

Wednesday 13th February

Another day at home, a little quieter today. On my lunch break I looked into Gary Vaynerchuk, that a few people I follow have mentioned a lot. I watch a full video of his on my lunch break and I was inspired. The video I watched first was about content marketing. I am starting to think content might be the career direction I want to go in. So I found his video very inspirational.

After work Deborah and I went to a recently refurbished gym offering taster sessions, for a Strong by Zumba class. It was hard work. I enjoyed the first song as it was a bit more dance oriented but it got intense. I was the most sweaty I have ever been doing exercise I think. It was mad. 

Just start creating

When I got home I thought about some of the things Gary says in the video about content. I thought, if I want to get into content marketing I need to understand it all. One of the most important and most useful tools is video. I have only managed to do the odd video on Instagram since the trip out here at the airport. Other videos are usually of whats around me and not of me.

So I decided to practice, I sat in bed in my PJs and recorded myself talking for about 10 mins. It was not as bad as I thought but then I haven’t shared it. I’m going to practice more and start using my YouTube channel as another place I can practice creating content. This should help me to see if it is really the direction I want to move my career in. 

Thursday 14th February

Today was a half and half day today. The first part of the day at home and the afternoon at Andy and Deborah’s. I cant remember now if it was the night before or that morning I decided randomly I wanted to go part time. I thought about it for a bit and it made sense.

There have been quite a few days at work that I have not quite had enough work to fill my day. We are always waiting for clients to get back to us, it is quite normal for our workload to fluctuate, so while waiting I have been learning. I hate the feeling of not having anything to do at work, but knowing there is so much I could be doing for myself. If I were to use my work time to do personal stuff I would feel incredibly guilty. I had also felt a little disappointed in myself for not getting much personal work done.

Planning for a great two months

If I were to go part time for the rest of my time in Spain, 2 months, I would be able to do so much more learning. Complete my courses, practice more content marketing and have more time to go running, exploring and enjoy my time here. I am going through a phase where I want to learn so much its overwhelming. It benefits my employer as I want to develop myself and my skills. This in turn will help their business and they can pay me less, knowing that in the hours I work for them I am super productive. 

So that afternoon I asked Andy and Deborah about it. Their only concern was what if they do get super busy. I said I would be really flexible if they need me back then I can jump back in full time. So Andy asked Tony, the boss, he gave a provisional yes subject to a discussion with our operations manager . So I went to bed optimistic and super excited for everything I could achieve. I started using Asana to plan my timetable for my free time. I realised I could finish my UX course and Display exam by the end of the month. 

Friday 15th February

I worked from home again today. I had a call with Tony and Paul in the morning, they were not keen understandably. But if I were to only do it on a temporary basis and jump back in when needed then it was ok. Woooohoooo, so my new hours are 4 hours on a Monday to do admin tasks, like emails, project management stuff and quoting. I will then work Tuesdays with Andy and Deborah and Wednesdays at home. I am super excited about what I plan to achieve in the next couple of months. Now I will have more time on my hands to enjoy life a little more and spend more time learning. 

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