Dear Diary – Week Ten in Javea

As my departure from Spain looms, I am starting to lose my energy and motivation to do anything outside of work. I am quite sad to be going, and booking transport and checking in for flights has made it all seem so close. I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends and to my week in Barcelona, but I need to get out of this funk and make the most of my last couple of weeks here. I hope that next week, the first week of April will bring fresh energy with it to see me through till my Birthday!  

Monday 25th March

This morning another girl from work handed in her notice which was a bit of a shock. In the afternoon I worked on my blogs and scheduled some Instagram posts before doing a food shop and settling in for some Netflix and food.

Tuesday 26th March

I had quite a productive day of working from home today followed by some evening work for myself. I scheduled some more Instagram posts and started planning how I could help my landlady with her social media.

Wednesday 27th March

I worked with Andy and Deborah today at there house. I then came home to binge watch Netflix until bedtime. A pretty uneventful day, again. I seem to have lost focus in the wind down to going home.

Thursday 28th March

Today I felt a bit overwhelmed. My time in Spain is coming to an end and I still feel like there is a lot I want to accomplish. My list of tasks and things I want to do overwhelmed me to a point I wasn’t doing anything. I managed to get a few chores done in the morning, most of my loads of washing had been through the machine. In the afternoon I decided I needed to get out and clear my head.

I walked to a local beach again. When I was there I called my Grandparents to see how they were doing, it was nice to speak to them and know they are ok. I was out for a good few hours walking along the coast and back. When I got home I called mum and dad and spoke to them for a while. Afterwards I called a friend and chatted to him for a while too.

I think this is what I needed, It reminded me of what I have to look forward to when I get home. Spending more time with the people I care about. It was good to clear my head and get some fresh air.

Friday 29th March

I went for a really good 5K run this morning. Some morings when I exercise it feels so much easier for some reason, I felt lighter and like my body was carrying me with a lot less eoffort. I did some chores around the house today finishing off everything I started yesterday, putting washing away etc. I then worked on my new website and watched some episodes of a Maddaline Maccan documentry on Netlix.

Saturday 30th March

This morning I attended a “Spin – Box – Abs – Stretch” Class with Deborah. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it as my last few spin session has been quite uncomfortable. Luckily the veriety in the session made it really quite enjoyable. We were on the bikes for 30 minutes, which was long enough to feel the burn but not so long it hurt my undercarriage.

We then went outside in the beautful sunshine and paired up for boxing. This was pretty tireing but it was a nice way to say hi to some new people. We did one round with our partner and then the boxers moved around in a cirlce so that each round the boxer was hitting a new person holding the pads. With no arm stregth I struggled with this but it was good.

We then did some Ab workouts followed by stretches. I found some of the stretched really quite painfull, realising some of the muscles in my legs are super tight. I really must make sure I stretch better before and after running. I might even do a daily stretch to improve my flexibility.

After the workout we went for brunch on the seafront a short walk away. Andy joined us and I had a nice meal of eggs and avocado on toast. My afternoon was spent chilling, eating and working on some more Instagram posts and tweaks to the website.

Sunday 31st March

Today Deborah had planned for us to go to Guadalest a valley not too far from Benidorm, which has stunning views of mountains and a lake and its a pretty little town. Unfortunately, when we woke up the weather was rubbing and the forecast said it would be raining all day. As it would have been an hour drive on wet roads, it wasn’t worth the effort. Instead, we decided to meet up for an Indian for dinner.

So I spent the morning filming and editing the about video for my new website which launches on the 1st April. I then watched the remaining episodes of the Maddaline Maccan documentary on Netflix before doing a little more work on my website and Instagram.

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