Dear Diary – Week Thirteen in Javea

I write this sat back in the UK planning my travels to Australia. It has been a bit mad the last couple of weeks, enjoying my last week in Javea, and having a holiday in Barcelona. Luckily I have been sticking to my diary so I can tell you what I got up to in my last week.

Monday 15th April

This morning I had a half day of work. It was really productive I got everything ready for my last day of working with Andy and Deborah tomorrow. In the afternoon I worked on Lea’s Instagram and preparing for a social training session. I also managed to post to Instagram and get a blog post live. As well as getting my last food shop in and booking a spa break with Amy.

Tuesday 16th April

My last day of working with Andy and Deborah. Work-wise it was pretty much a normal day. I spent a bit of time with Andy handing over projects I have been involved in. I also gave him the contents of my computer in case anything happened to my hard drive. Also as I won’t be working for the company much longer, he now has a record of all the assets I have ever used for clients.

At the end of the day having notified all my clients and set my out of office, I deleted Skype from my phone and switched off from work completely. It was a lovely feeling knowing I wouldn’t have to deal with anything work-related for a good few weeks.

After work Deborah started cooking a roast dinner, we had wine and chatted about my upcoming travels. The roast was delicious and it was a really nice evening. They even bought a birthday cake and sang happy birthday, I got to blow out some candles. Lizzie even had a confetti cannon. It was a really nice early birthday party. When I later told my mum about the evening she was happy there was cake as traditionally she makes us all a cake for our birthdays.

Wednesday 17th April

My 27th Birthday!!! I can’t believe I am now in my late 20’s. I had a little lay in this morning followed by a long walk around Javea. It was a great way to say goodbye to the place that has been home for the last 3 months. After getting home and dressed up Lea took me out for lunch. We went to a lovely restaurant that I had not been to before, one of Lea’s favourites on the road out of Javea. It was a nice modern but rustic place that was clearly very popular as the car park was full.

I was a little nervous as to whether the food would be a bit fancy for me and that I might not enjoy it. The menu of the day had a few bits on it that sounded good though so my mind was put at rest. I then had a glass of cava which made it even better. I had scrambled egg to start, followed by a delicious Duck dish and Ice cream for pudding. It was a really nice meal and it was lovely to get to know Lea a bit more too.

After a long lunch, we had a little wander around a cute furniture store next to the restaurant before heading home. I wasn’t home for long catching up on all my messages. My phone company have started charging for the home from home free data is now outside of the fair usage policy so I’m stuck with WiFi only until I get home. Not ideal with Barcelona just around the corner.

Deborah messaged me shortly after lunch to invite me down to the Arenal beach for some drinks. So I went down and caught up with her and Lizzie and another of her friends for a prosecco and a chat. We were there for quite a while before we packed up and headed off and we ended up going to a lovely little Italian restaurant for a small dinner. I love using my birthday or any special occasion as an excuse to eat a lot of food. Two cooked meals today and feeling completely stuffed but very satisfied I headed home for a FaceTime with my mum and an early night.

Thursday 18th April

This morning I had social training with Lea and her daughter Xenia. I wanted to go through all the Instagram accounts I had set up and the notes I had created alongside it. I created Google Account for Lea with a content calendar and a doc with lots of notes and tips on things that could be done on each account. We went through all this for most of the morning, discussing ideas and showing Lea how to post.

I then spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning and just getting ready to leave tomorrow. I had an early night ready for a day of travel tomorrow.

Friday 19th April

My last fraction of a day in Javea. I got up early had some breakfast and lugged my suitcase outside. Andy and Deborah and Lizzie arrived just as I got the meeting point which was brilliant timing. Andy drove us all to the bus stations which was not far away. We said our goodbyes and then us three girls got on the bus to Valencia. It wasn’t to long a journey in the pouring rain. The weather was really not great considering the past 3 months have been brilliant but I was hoping for the best for the start of my holiday.

When we arrived in Valencia the weather was still crap. Deborah and Lizzie came with me across the road to the train station and showed me where to go. We said our goodbyes before they headed off to meet up with Malc for their own little weekend adventure. I then joined a big queue to get through security. This surprised me, I didn’t realise there would be security for a train. On reaching the other side of the x-ray machine I didn’t have much time to get on the train. Unfortunately, my train carriage was a bit of a treck away so I did a very elegant run/walk to get to the carriage on time. As I had very poorly packed my bags this means my silicone egg cups for poaching fell out the top of my bag along the way, which I didn’t realise until I got on the train and we were on our way.

The train journey was comfortable but long, I think I fell asleep for some of it. When I arrived in Barcelona it was pretty easy to find my way out and get a taxi to the hotel. Although where I was dropped was not right outside the hotel. This meant I had to walk up and down the street looking for the right door lugging so much around. I will be travelling a lot lighter for my trip to Aus, that’s for sure. I finally found what I thought was the right place and sat on a bench outside to wait for mum and dad. It wasn’t long before they pulled up in a taxi behind me and we began our Barcelona holiday together….

Javea Summary

I am sad to have left Javea, I learnt a lot about myself and gained some new skills while away. I enjoyed being out the negative news bubble in the UK and away from the cold weather. There were not a lot of things I missed about home, hence my plans to move on again but I was looking forward to a few bits about being home. It was so nice to have explored more of Javea having only seen a small amount on my previous trip. I met some great people and had some different but cool experiences. I will definitely always remember my time in Javea as a positive one and I hope that one day I will return.

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