Dear Diary – Week Twelve in Javea

Monday 8th April

Dad’s Birthday 🙂

This morning I woke up feeling alright, had breakfast as usual and got to work. After I had been working for about an hour I came over all dizzy. When I was younger I realised I get what I called “PlayStation sickness” it’s a horrible sicky headache from watching first-person shooting games. I can’t watch Cloverfield the film or other handheld, first-person videos. They make me feel really queasy. I thought this was what I was having as it started but as I closed my eyes and tried to make the feeling go away it got progressively worse. It felt like when you get home drunk lie in bed and the room is spinning.

I got really concerned as I tried to Google what it was between looking at the floor and heavy breathing. I then started to cry, I have no idea why. This has happened to me before when I have had a panic attack the random crying, but this felt different because of the dizziness and my ability to breath like a normal person. I tried going to bed and laying on my back with my feet up in case it was a blood flow thing. But this just made the spinning so much worse. I ended up in the recovery position trying to calm down for a bit, whilst calling various colleagues to let them know I was out of action and to ask for help on a few things.

Another suggestion was to get some sugar into my body. On a Monday I don’t tend to have a lot of food in the house. So when I felt a little better I had to get up go downstairs and raid layers cupboards for a couple of cookies. These gave me the energy to get back to work and finish my shift for the day. I then made a big stir fry which made me feel much better again. After some food, I was able to get out and do a food shop and then spent the afternoon working on getting Lea’s Instagram accounts set up.

This morning felt horrible and I have no idea what it was. I thought there could have been a number of things wrong with me and it panicked me a bit. I will be going for a full MOT when I get home to make sure all is ok.

Tuesday 9th April

Mums Birthday 🙂

Today I worked with Andy and Deborah. When I got home Tony my big boss had messaged me to ask for a chat. This worried me a bit, he wanted to talk about my long term plans with the company as I had apparently mentioned wanting to travel before.

I was not ready to have this chat, nothing had been confirmed with me going travelling. The decision to go is all that had been made and not any solid plans. This wouldn’t happen until I got home and had my appointment with STA Travel.

I was still a bit worried about what my parents had said about not telling too many people until it was booked as I could be asked to leave before I was ready. The STA guy could tell me the best rates are in July for flights to Australia so I should wait until then. This could mean I could get in more work before I go and therefore have more money in the pot to pay for travel.

But Tony had asked me outright and I feel bad for lying. I quickly called Andy to tell him my plans and ask if I should tell the boss. He encouraged me and said he would back me to stay with the company as long as possible as he would want me to be around to train my replacement.

So I called Tony and told him about my plans. He was very understanding, his wife had done the same thing when she was younger. He realises that we are a young team and we will have a few jobs or go travelling before we settle or really start building careers. So he was very encouraging and even offered me remote work if I want it while I’m away. I felt so relieved and so grateful to work for such a nice guy. I was now able to go to bed and have a good sleep without anything more to worry about.

Wednesday 10th April

Another full day of work followed by a chat with Andy. I then watched Netflix whilst having dinner and had an early night.

Thursday 11ths April

This morning I had another one of the spin classes I had booked in as a part of the Birthday present that Deborah had bought for me. Today’s class was “Spin Box” and the first class I had attended on my own. This made me a little nervous, but I kept telling myself I had to do more like this in order to prepare for the massive shove outside my comfort zone I am about to get going to Australia on my own. It turned out to be a really good session. I paired up with new people in the boxing half which was fine, everyone was nice. So I felt good I had taken part.

After spinning I came home, showered, wrote a blog post. I spent the rest of the day sorting out my photo’s on my laptop, trying to get organised and clear space for taking my laptop to Australia. I have upgraded my iCloud storage and have a semi-organised filing system for all my old photographs.

Friday 12th April

This morning I cleaned the bathroom before heading out to Lea’s shop to get a few gifts for myself and some people at home. I then came home for some lunch, did a little bit of planning. I posted my first post on my Simply Happy Instagram for a little while. Recent events have put me behind on my side project but I hope to get back on it very soon.

At 6 pm I had the last Spin session of my time in Javea, today Deborah was there with me. It was a Faithless vs Swedish House Mafia class. I loved it. I really think I will seek out spin classes, either when I’m home or in Australia, as I started to enjoy it and saw the benefits.

Saturday 13th April

I had a lovely lay in, followed by some packing. Mum helped me pack coming out here and I think it’s going to take a lot of rejigging and faff to get it all back in. I have discovered packing cubes online though so I will be investing in some of these for when I need to pack a year’s worth of stuff in the same case.

For lunch I walked to Andy and Deborah’s, stopping to pick up some wine along the way. I am really noticing how much busier Javea is getting. More cars, more people on the beach and the supermarket was rammed. The Easter holidays are fast approaching.

Deborah was making a very traditionally Spanish meal of paella, garlic prawns and meatballs. It looked, smelt and tasted amazing. We ate so much food, I tried sangria for the first time as well which was nice. After we had sat with massive bellies for a little while we went for a walk down to the beach. We stopped along the pebbled coastline at a modern pretty bar for some ice cream and cocktails.

I walked back from the beach to walk all the food off. I spent the rest of the evening chilling.

Sunday 14th April

I was in super slow mode today. A lovely long lay in followed by a lot of reading. I read in bed, in the garden, by the pool. I even tried dipping my feet in to see if it was warm enough for a swim. It was not. I managed to finish one of the books I started reading on this trip so I was pleased that was one less to take with me to Australia. It was 25 degrees today, soo warm, it felt very much like British summer.

In the afternoon I showered and got glammed up for a girls night out to the theatre. We were off to see Rapunzel. We weren’t sure if it would be any good as apparently it had mixed reviews, but it was an evening out. I didn’t think about it until we were in Denia, close to the theatre but the whole thing was going to be in Spanish. So it was going to be a good opportunity to see how much I of the lingo I had picked up. Nothing! I could only understand the odd word so I didn’t get the jokes, but I got what was going on. It was good to see Lizzie enjoying herself though.

After the show, Deborah drove us back to Javea for dinner in a local Indian. I was a nice evening out. I love that the evenings are getting longer and the temperatures are warming up.

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