How I Dealt with Jetlag in Kuala Lumpa

I have done a few long haul flights before, but I have never experienced jetlag quite to the extent I did on my trip to Australia. I am normally tired after a flight but this lasted the entire time I was in Kula Lumpur. 

In a recent blog, I told the story of my last week in the UK, the long flight and my first day in KL. I finished off the blog by saying how tired I was but that I was looking forward to exploring. Unfortunately, the tiredness did not really subside and I lacked the energy to leave the apartment. I managed to make it down to the pool for a dip on one of the days, which was beautiful. It was refreshing in the humid heat. I went out a few times in the evening with Becca and Ron for dinner but skipped lunch every day. 

I Finally Left the Complex

It wasn’t until my last night in Kuala Lumpur, which was a Friday night, that I actually ventured out properly. Becca finished work earlier on Fridays so she headed home and took me out for an evening in the city. We dressed up a little as we were heading for a snazzy rooftop bar. On our way, we walked through Central Market and stopped off at the “I Love KL” sign for some classic tourist shots. These where quite cool things to see, but being out in the heat was hard. I don’t think the warm Spanish winter quite prepared me for the strong heat in KL. 

We jumped in a Grab car after our photoshoot by the KL sign and headed to the rooftop bar. Arriving on the helipad, on top of a large modern building in the centre of KL as the sun was on its way down, was a cool experience. The ambience of the rooftop bar was really lovely. We sat and took it all in. Some great tunes were playing, the warmth of the sun was still strong but so much more pleasant than earlier in the day. The hustle and bustle of other people filling the rooftop and preparing for sunset. As the sunset, we took pictures and selfies. After the sun had dropped behind the horizon we headed off to find food. 

Becca had planned and booked a table in one of her favourite restaurants in the city. The food was a little more pricy than what we had eaten so far. But considering food, in general, was extremely cheap and I had barely left the flat, it was fine. It was so worth it as well the food was incredible. I think this was the main thing I enjoyed about KL, the food. The flavours are amazing. I wish I had been more with it and able to explore and try more foods. 

After our lovely meal and a proper catch-up, we jumped in another grab and went to the Patronus Towers. This was cool to see. It was the one thing that my mum said I must see while I was in KL. 

I Finally Slept Through

On this day I managed to stay up all day and after a really lovely, food, wine and fun-filled evening I managed to sleep through the night. I actually felt a lot fresher on Saturday morning and was able to enjoy a day with Becca and Ron showing me around Becca’s school and having a lovely breakfast and lunch. One of Becca’s friends was having an open house before they left of the UK and it was on the way to the airport so we all attended. They were all so welcoming and I had a nice, if not short evening with them before getting in a Grab to the airport for my flight to Sydney. 

My flight to Sydney was not as long but I had to stay up really late to catch it. I didn’t manage to sleep on the flight at all so when I arrived in Sydney at 10 am I felt rough. I continued to feel rough for the rest of my first day in Sydney, barely leaving the hostel room. It wasn’t until the tour started, and I didn’t have a choice but to keep going, that I felt like I was starting to recover. I had a good meal on my first night and a night of reasonably good sleep for my first experience in a hostel. By the morning I was ok. So it only took me about 6 nights to recover from my journey to Australia. A LOT longer than expected.

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