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I help women build the foundations of a successful blog by teaching web design, branding & SEO

Build a Blog With Me

In this video series I talk you through each stage of building the foundations of a successful blog. Rather than just teaching, I show you how I am building this brand new blog.

If you’re asking how to start with blogging, this is where to start. A successful blog is built on solid foundations. Let’s build successful blogs together!

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Beginner Bloggers

If you’re a creative woman that’s serious about starting a successful blog this site is for you. I share my knowledge of web design, branding and SEO to help you build solid content foundations.

This blog is also my live example of how to start a blog. Putting my travel & lifestyle content to one side to focus on building a brand that stands out in the content creation industry!

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Latest Posts

Your blog name is not just a name for your blog it’s your brand name. So in this post, I show you how to choose a blog name and how I decided on mine.

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Defining your target audience is so important to create raving fans of your blog. Find out how to define your blog target audience with examples I share.

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"Steph has radically improved our branding and reach at The Smartest Path. She performed a wide variety of tasks from website amendments and page creation, to poster design. The visual tools she has created will be used in our business for years to come."
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