Salzburg Austria

The sound of music has long been a family favourite in our house. Every year around Christmas time it appears on television and mum and I make sure we stop to watch it. It’s a pure classic and never gets boring. Mum has always wanted to visit Austria and see the locations where the film was set, it looks simply stunning in the film and she wanted to feel alive in those singing hills.

In my last post I told the story of the build up to Salzburg, how Dad surprise mum with tickets and mum and I were heading off on a week away which just happened to fall on my Birthday week. We were so excited to experience the famous sites and the beauty of Austria and it did not disappoint.

Heading out in April we were a little concerned the weather would not be great and when we arrived it was a little drizzly  but by the time we got to our hotel and dumped our bags it was perfect weather to start exploring. And Explore we did, we walked the entire city of Salzburg in our first day. I had read up on it and we had marked out some places of interest we wanted to visit. Day one set the tone for the holiday, we crashed into bed quite early having walked over 22,000 steps.

Day Two took us to a salt mine outside of Salzburg, this took me out of my comfort zone a little travelling thousands of miles underground with no natural light and having to go down some rather large steep slides. Having no alternative but to use the slides, I forced myself to do it and was glad I did, it was quite a cool experience. After exploring the area around the salt mine, walking through the stunning open countryside we headed back to Salzburg via Hellbrun palace. This is the location of the gazebo featured in the “I am 16 going on 17” song. Set in the grounds of a grand palace with some interesting water features. Day two just happened to be my birthday so we topped off my day with a lovely meal on a rooftop bar with stunning views out over the city.

Day three’s big adventure was a trip up the Untersburg the mountain that Maria and the Von Trapps walk through in the closing credits of the sound of music. On our first day we climbed up to a fort overlooking the City and the mountains beyond. As I was taking pictures of the mountain scenery I noticed a line joining the top two points of the mountain, these points look so far apart in height, the climb must have been so steep. I showed mum and we both said we didn’t envy the skiers being up so high with such a high climb.

We had planned to find the Untersburg as the trip was included in our handy Salzburg travel card, it wasn’t until later that we realised the mountain we had access too and the cable car we could take went up the steep line between the two points of the mountain. So we debated for a while whether we would be able to do the climb, we also checked a lot of reviews and asked the staff in our hotel. In the end we convinced ourselves that we would leave disappointed if we didn’t do the trip and we were so glad we did it. The trip up was not too bad and the views from the top were well worth it. It didn’t look much like my memories of the hills in the sound of music, maybe as it felt a lot steeper than the rolling hills in the film or maybe because it was covered in snow.

Day four was a hop on hop off bus tour of the lakes and mountains in the areas surrounding Salzburg. Another beautiful day in Austria perfect for walking the lakeside paths of three huge stunning lakes. All three offered different blues and mountain views. The final lake was close to some more sound of music sites so we visited the Cathedral where Maria was married to captain Von Trapp and the tree lined street where the children played in their curtain outfits.

Day 5, yet more walking, by day 5 we had seen much of the city and its surrounding areas we had also ticked off most of the sites on the sound of music list. Just a few sites remained and we worked out were they were, in relation to our hotel. Rather than catch more buses we walked the city again to find the front the big yellow Von Trapp house. We also went back to the back of the house, and the do ray mi steps to get some better pictures. We finished off the trip with our final meal in the favourite restaurant on the rooftop in the city.    

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