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Salisbury Cathedral – App Design Project


This was a group project for a second-year assessment at Bournemouth University. We were tasked to create an app for Salisbury Cathedral. It was the upcoming celebrations for the 800 year anniversary of the Magna Carta signing. They were going to be creating an app for visitors to use on their day trips to the Cathedral for the celebrations. We would be creating smaller sections within the app. Educational elements and games. The App was to be built for IOS devices, which we had been given some trading on.

We had to design a functional working app with good graphics, an educational element and an app thumbnail.


Our team decided on a simple timeline app with interactive elements and a rat avatar for a little entertainment. Rats featured in the Magna Carta Story. My role within the team was organisational. I ended up creating a lot of the documentation of our process and progress in blog form for submission of the assignment. I organised tasks and ensured the project stayed on schedule. I also helped with the concept and graphic designs for the app.


We were one of the few groups who were chosen to put our finished app into the main app that would be launched for the celebrations. It was a successful project that we completed to the brief and on time.

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