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MacKinnon Carpentry

Self Employed Carpenter requiring branding, web design and social set-up.

The Client

The client is a friend of mine, James MacKinnon. James has a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Site Carpentry and 4 years working in the industry. He recently took the leap and went self-employed. As a brand new business, I had the pleasure of helping him from the beginning, with his branding, social media and web design.

Logo Design

James had seen some designs which he really liked from other carpenters online and on the side of vans. Logo design is not my strength so we used stock vector graphics for the tools combined with experimenting with fonts and colours in Adobe Illustrator. James knew he wanted a simple colour pallet of grey, black and white to compliment the wood colours the logo would end up being paired with. He also had a grey van so the logo needed to work on a grey background. See below for the finished logo design, these were passed onto his printing company to be turned into business cards.


instagram set up

I had recently completed a course in content marketing and wanted to put my knowledge to the test to get some results for James. He was keen to have a social presence but was not keen on Facebook. As I had been working on building my own Instagram profile I knew what was needed to get him off the ground. I set up his Instagram account, optimising the bio, adding the logo as the profile image and started posting to the feed.

We used images of the logo and business cards as an introduction, as well as images of his equipment and recent work. The account pretty much instantly took of gaining, followers daily. He also was contacted by a lot of local business and other carpenters offering to collaborate or send work his way if they were not able to do it.

Website Design

Brief – James wanted a website as an online presence where he could display his work and contact information for potential clients to see and get in touch. I had recently recreated my website, converting it from HTML back to WordPress of easier editing on the go as I was travelling. I suggested that WordPress would be the best option for him as he has good computer literacy and could make changes himself easily if needed. I could also continue to maintain the site from wherever I might end up in the world.

Action – I chose a clean simple free WordPress template which uses the Elementor page builder. This is something I had used for my own website and had found it really easy to use as well as providing a lot of options for creating a really bespoke site. I used Unsplash and some other free stock sites to build the website to start with. I focused on creating a mobile-friendly, simple design that would serve the purpose of displaying James’s excellent carpentry skills. We went through a couple of revisions and a bit of to and from on the text content before putting the website live.

ResultMacKinnon Carpentry now has a clean, clearly laid out website, showcasing his most recent work, the services he offers and how to get in touch. James was really chuffed with the website how it looks and functions and has already received a lot of really great feedback from family and clients. Only a day after launching the site a client he was working for checked it out, saw some other work he had done and will be contracting MacKinnon Carpentry to do more bespoke carpentry work for them. This is a fantastic result! I am proud of the website and delighted James is seeing some great results already. We will continue to build on and improve the website together as James grows his business.

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