PPC Stars – Vooba Rebrand


In 2018 my employer wanted to rebrand the company, I took a leading role in the rebrand, read my personal blog post on the rebrand here.

With no rebranding experience but a fire in my belly to learn all things digital marketing and get creative, I took up the baton of a company rebrand.

PPC Stars, the digital marketing agency I worked for between Jan 2017 and May 2019, were the first digital agency I had worked for. I started in SEO managing client accounts, working on and off-page to organically rank sites for specific keywords. I then moved into the web design team, create websites in both HTML & WordPress.

My role became heavily admin based as I became more integrated into the web team and we found our strengths and worked together I ended up being more of a client liaison and a go-between with website migrations involving other departments.

In 2018 PPC Stars was no longer an appropriate representation of what the company offered and the rebranding process began. The leading lady in the rebrand left the company had not made a lot of progress moving the project forward. It was up to the rest of the team to pick up where she left off and run with it.

As an organised person who loves making lists and spreadsheets, I took on the leading role in the rebrand.


Our first challenge was convincing the boss that the deadline had to be moved back. We had a couple of months left before the original date and nothing to go on. We managed to push the start date back until Jan 1st 2019.

Another challenge was the fact we all had full-time jobs to attend to whilst fitting in time for rebranding work. We had formed a small committee consisting of a representative from each department. Getting together regularly for meetings to make decision and update on the progress it soon became clear that it was going to be hard to get the work done on time.

Creating a launch video was one of the hardest things I had to tackle during this project. It was left to myself and Chloe to sort the video, our budget was not very big and our time to focus on such a task was limited. We hoped for more guidance from the video company but communication was poor. We ended up with a product no one was happy with due to the time constraints and communication struggles.


Over the course of the project, my role went from setting up the initial spreadsheets, research what is involved in a rebrand and allocating tasks, to completing many of the tasks myself. The web design was taken care of. Our talented head of web Andy was putting blood sweat and tears into an amazing responsive HTML design that would be flexible to our needs.

I handled the content writing for the website pages and for multiple blog posts. I designed the social media templates. I created an internal launch plan to get the staff excited. I created an external launch plan to keep our existing clients informed. I created email campaigns for both internal and external launch plans. I created a tone of voice document and liaised with colleagues on the vision, mission and values of the company. Myself, Chloe and Hannah organised the internal launch party.

Just some of the blogs I created for the brand new website!





As the project developed and the realisation of our time and budget constraints hit, we had to alter and adapt our plans. The full website we had planned for launch became a phased roll out with a paired back product for the initial launch. This was due to the lack of time we had to create enough content to fill the initial website structure design.

Some of the more fun things we wanted to launch in January had to wait.


On January 1st 2019 Vooba launched. A brand new beautiful website went live. All our printed marketing materials were ready, our internal launch had been a success with welcome packs created (by me) for everyone and for new starters. The clients were informed and the feedback our MD got from the launch was all positive.

I learned a lot from this experience, most importantly that a rebrand should be carried out by a full team of people all playing to their strengths and it should have a lot more planning, experience and forethought than what we put in. But I am very proud of what I achieved with the support of a few of my colleagues. Without my drive and determination to have a successful launch and my enjoyment of the creative process the rebrand would not have happened as it did and I have that to be proud of.

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