University Project

Walking West Sussex

Graduate Final Project


This final year project was an accumulation of everything that had been learned from my 3 years at university.


I spent a lot of time contemplating what the project should be about. I wanted to create something that I loved, that encompassed things I really enjoyed so that I would enjoy working on the project for an extended period of time. I ended up quite homesick while at University so my project ended up being about the area around my home and the beauty I was now seeing in the area, having adjusted to seeing it from a different perspective.

It was a photographic and video-based projected including an interactive element. I spent many hours taking pictures, video and sound clips on 3 key walks in different areas of West Sussex. One at West Wittering beach, one along the South Downs Way and one along the Wey and Arun Canal.


A piece that took the user on a journey through my favourite places in West Sussex. The interactive element was that the user had to walk in order to create movement in front of the piece to play the videos.

The set up consisted of 3 separate computer screen, each with a different walk loaded. As a part of the finished piece, we had to design our space in the exhibition hall. I had created posters, business cards and a photo book for each of the locations. I had placed footprints on the floor as markers for where to stand.

The project was relatively successful. It looked great up on the big monitors and I got some good feedback from users. Unfortunately, the sensitivity of the interaction was not perfect and the concept needed some explaining to users. Overall I was happy with the finished project and my results reflected the assessors felt the same.

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