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create a brand that stands out!

I love creating content to get your business noticed

A picture is worth a thousand words, so what is your visual content saying about you?

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I have experience in creating WordPress websites. If you are new to business and need a website a website to showcase your products or services I can help!

From branded social media cover images to engaging infographics. I can create visual content for your brand.

I love creating video content for vlogs and to document my travel experiences. I have learnt the basics of video editing and I am working on improving these skills to offer a professional video editing service.

I've helped New Businesses to build their brand!

From logo ideation to web design and social media set up. I worked with James to create an online presence for his new carpentry business.

I Managed a marketing agency Brand refresh!

PPC Stars no longer represented the company offering. So I managed the rebranding project and visual content creation for the Vooba launch. 



I love seeing the world! Exploring new places, capturing stunning views and feeling free. 2019 was a big year of travel and adventure for me and I share my experiences in my blog.


Content creation

I discovered my love of content creation standing on a beach in Spain filming myself chatting nonsense. Now I can share my love of content by helping you to create create content that stands out.


Lifestyle & Business

I have learned it is so important to reflect on how far you have come, the lessons you have learned and be grateful for all you have. My blog also has lifestyle & business journey posts reflecting on topics big and small.

What people say about me

Clients & Colleagues

"Steph has radically improved our branding and reach at The Smartest Path. She performed a wide variety of tasks from website amendments and page creation, to poster design. "
Fiona Spence
"Steph is a great team player who always enthuses those around her, she has great initiative and is dedicated to always doing a great job."
Enrique Schmidt
Head of Digital
"Steph's creativity and attention to detail partnered with excellent organisation and management skills is aspirational and allows her to adapt to multiple roles."
Chloe Aluery
Account Manager
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