Social Media

Are you creating valuable content online that’s not getting seen? 

I create scroll stopping graphics for social media to increase your brand awareness.


Stories, Posts & Highlight Covers


Thumbnails, Channel Art & Promo


Post Graphics & Pinterest Pins


I'm Steph

A multi-passionate, creative, Aries with a love for the outdoors, travel and curry!

I’m a designer and illustrator based in Sussex and I love creating colourful, eye-catching designs.

If you would like to find out more about my social media design services or buy a print ping me an email.

Stand Out Socials

Stand out from the crowd online with social media graphics which stop the scroll. 

Print Collection

I enjoy creating both graphic and illustration based design. I have collated my favourite poster designs in a gallery.

Poster prints inspired but the Baugasm project and techniques relevant to college projects.
Illustrative prints created using Procreate on the iPad and inspired by travel and nature.