• Productivity

    Why Multitasking is a Myth

    Are there a million and one things that you want to get done in a day? Do you wish you were more productive? Is multitasking is the way to GET S**T DONE? Multitasking is a myth, here's why.

  • Life

    Business Workshop for Perfectionists

    Today I attended a business workshop for perfectionists with Sam Brown a business and mindset coach who I have been following online for a little while. She guided us through, journaling, business and mindset, clarifying a niche, what’s holding me…

  • Travel

    East Coast Encompassed – 18 Days That Changed My Life

    On Wednesday I finally finished and uploaded to YouTube my East Coast Encompassed Vlog. Documenting my travels from Syndey to Cairns as a part of a G Adventures tour group. I started the trip somewhat apprehensively, worried about being able…

  • Travel

    Why I Gave Up On Backpacking – Backpack Vs Suitcase

    Whether it’s a short city break, a week-long family holiday in Europe or travelling the world for a year, choosing the right luggage is essential to simpler travels. I have travelled to Procida with nothing but hand luggage and loved…

  • Travel

    How I Dealt with Jetlag in Kuala Lumpa

    I have done a few long haul flights before, but I have never experienced jetlag quite to the extent I did on my trip to Australia. I am normally tired after a flight but this lasted the entire time I…

  • Life,  Travel

    Last Week in the UK

    I am now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sitting in my friend Becca’s lovely apartment catching up on admin and writing blogs. I can’t believe it has finally happened and I am actually here. My last week in the UK was…